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Entrepreneur visa: grow a business in the UK with a business partner

Childhood dreams are not always naïve and impossible. Two friends Pravin and Arjun have been dreaming about leaving Bangalore and moving to Europe since they were kids. Both received a good college education, and both have critical views of the current problems in India.

Pravin started a small waste collection business that was successful, not without government support. Arjun pursued the same career as his father and is working in a law firm, but he has realised that he needs to do something more active and dynamic. When Pravin shares with Arjun his idea of buying a small waste treatment plant and that he needs a partner, Arjun volunteers to become one.

Their entrepreneurial spirit has helped the business to take off quickly and the partners have decided to move to the United Arab Emirates, where the market for their business is underdeveloped. For 12 years, the businessmen have been building their business both in India (small waste treatment plants in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore) and Dubai (household waste removal and sorting). Very soon they start thinking about conquering the international market; their experience in the UAE has given them a valuable background of working to nearly European standards.

Our heroes

  • Pravin, 40 years old, successful Indian entrepreneur, owner of a waste treatment business.
  • Arjun, 41 years old, Pravin’s business partner, owner of a waste treatment business.
  • Pravin’s and Arjun’s family members. Though unnamed, they are an important piece of our puzzle.

Plans and goals

Both businessmen are sure that the United Kingdom is the best destination for their investment. They decide to settle in Birmingham; it is the second most populated city in the UK after London and it is a large business hub, but without the tough competition of the capital city.

After contacting Imperial & Legal, Pravin and Arjun have found answers to all their questions.

  1. What visa do they need to move to the UK and start their business?
  2. What environment does the UK create for foreign entrepreneurs?
  3. How to relocate with a family and settle in a new place?

переехать с семьями в Великобританию


Because it is not rookies that are landing on the UK shores on a business mission, the best visa category for them is Entrepreneur visa. Pravin and Arjun submit their applications as an entrepreneurial team.

The amount of money they have to invest is £100,000 per person. Because the partners are equal directors of the business, they are relying on the money on business accounts of their company.

The UK immigration office, while processing applications for business visas, must and does pay extra attention to a business that applicants plan to do. Experts from Imperial & Legal prepared a detailed business plan for a new project of the entrepreneurial team from India, removal, collection and sorting of household waste which will be done to European standards.

Visa applications are being prepared together with the business plan. Tier 1 Entrepreneur migrants are allowed to bring their families to the UK. Both friends have wives and kids, which requires a lot of work in terms of relocation and making sure everyone has what they need.

Because both families have been living in Dubai for a long time already and become residents there, it is decided to apply from the UAE.

The hardest thing after submission is an interview with an immigration officer, but thanks to Imperial & Legal’s efforts and their help in preparing the team, our heroes pass it easily. Visas are granted for both of them and their families in two months.

Further support

Accommodation is one of the first things to be addressed and again our friends have contacted Imperial & Legal. It takes their real estate team just a week to find two spacious flats in Mosely. That prestigious area of Birmingham, surrounded by parks, is ideal for families with little kids. Next task is to find nurseries and schools for sons and daughters of the businessmen.

Pravin and Arjun are planning to kick off the business straight away after relocation, so they register a new company in advance with the help of Imperial & Legal. They are offered an Imperial services package that includes much more than just incorporation.

  1. Businessmen are given a secretary that takes care of emails and calls and produces regular reports.
  2. It also includes consultations on tax optimisation and other matters.
  3. Opening a UK bank account is essential for a smooth operation of the business. For that they need a business address that is also part of the Imperial

And finally, Imperial & Legal’s team has been instrumental in preparing and submitting the first annual account and first corporation tax return of the company. Indian businessmen appreciate how easy and convenient it is to work with the experts and are happy to extend their contract for another year.

развитие бизнеса в Великобритании


Two childhood friends from India manage to fulfil their dream with the help of London-based company Imperial & Legal. They have grown together side by side, following their dream, set up their own business in the UK and moved here with their whole families. Pravin and Arjun are 100% ready for a competition with local businessmen. They are researching the market and expanding their client base. East or west – it does not matter when professionals from Imperial & Legal can make these parts of the world perfectly co-exist together.

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