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Spain residence by investment

Live, work and study in Spain and travel in Schengen zone visa-free. Residency for the whole family. Real estate investment €500,000.
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The Spanish government launched its migration scheme for investors and entrepreneurs in 2013 in order to attract foreign investments, experience and talent from third countries, meaning non-EU states, and boost local economy. Individuals may qualify to obtain a Spanish temporary residence permit, after which they can apply for a permanent residence permit and eventually become Spanish citizens subject to their fulfilment of certain terms and conditions.

Benefits of Spanish residence by investment

As a way to receive European residence and citizenship, Spain offers investors and businessmen a wide range of benefits:

  • Fast processing time
  • Residence for the whole family
  • Rights to live, work and study in Spain
  • Free travel in the Schengen zone
  • Safe EU environment
  • Open and attractive economy
  • Developed infrastructure
  • Government incentives
  • Respectable and well-known banking system
  • High standards of life and healthcare
  • Education institutions recognised globally
  • Right to settle in 5 years and become a Spanish national after 10 years of continuous residence
  • No education, language or Life in Spain test requirement for residence.

Spanish visas and residence permits

Applicants outside of Spain have to apply for an investor or entrepreneur visa that would permit them to live and work in Spain. It is normally issued for 1 year, except for non-formalised purchase of real estate when it is granted for 6 months. After 1 year, or after the purchase of real estate is formalised, applicants must apply for a residence permit. It will be granted for 2 years subject to renewal for another 2 years, or 5 years in case of an investor visa.

Applicants that are legally in Spain at the time of application must apply for a residence permit that will be granted for 2 years subject to renewal every 2 years.

Eligibility and requirements

Apart from below mentioned investment requirements applicants must also comply with the following:

  • Main applicant must be 18 and over.
  • Financially dependent children under 26 years of age.
  • Investment to be held for at least 5 years.
  • Funds for investment should come from abroad.
  • Proof of availability of funds.
  • Clean criminal record and no breach of Immigration laws.
  • Good health condition.

Investment options

There are three investment options that an investor or a businessman can choose from and qualify for the Spanish temporary residence permit. An applicant must invest in one of the following options below:

1. Investment in financial assets

Applicants may apply to obtain a visa and/or residence permit in Spain through minimum investment in one of the eligible financial assets below:

  • €2,000,000 contribution to pay down the public debt.
  • €1,000,000 purchase of stocks or shares in companies based and actively trading in Spain.
  • €1,000,000 in investment funds, Spanish-based close-end type or venture capital funds.
  • €1,000,000 bank deposit in a Spanish financial institution.

2. Investment in real estate

To qualify for a visa and/or temporary residence permit under this option, each applicant is required to invest at least €500,000 in real estate.

3. Investment in business project

There is no minimum requirement. However, it must be of general interest and there are certain conditions that must be met, at least one of them:

  • Jobs must be created.
  • Social and economic impact must be visible in the area they are made in.
  • Significant contribution must be done to scientific and/or technological innovation.

Requirements for permanent residence in Spain

After 5 years of obtaining a temporary residence permit and of a continuous and legal residence in Spain, individuals may apply for Spanish permanent residence. Another requirement is to arrange for health insurance. Permanent residents are allowed to work and use social services and benefits without giving up their current nationality.

Spanish citizenship requirements

10 years of continuous and legal residence in Spain immediately prior to the application will allow a non-EU national to apply for Spanish citizenship and get an EU passport. There are certain conditions that must be met:

  • Permanent residence in Spain for 5 years prior to application.
  • Proof of legal residence in Spain.
  • Fluency in the Spanish language.
  • Knowledge of life, customs and traditions of Spain.
  • Renunciation of other nationalities.
  • Clean criminal record and good character.
  • No tax or other debts.

Spain does not generally permit dual citizenship except for some exceptional circumstances. Please contact our citizenship experts to find out if you are eligible to keep your current nationality.

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