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Guernsey residence by investment

Great opportunities for business and tax optimisation, world-class professional and financial services. Minimum investment €200,000.

Guernsey is a self-governing British Crown dependency held by the monarch of the United Kingdom though it is not part of the UK. Together with the Bailiwick of Jersey it forms part of the Channel Islands.

To attract foreign investment, expertise and talent to Guernsey, the government organisation Locate Guernsey offers immigration routes for wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs. They encourage affluent individuals to relocate to the island and/or do business there, offering them tax and other benefits in exchange for their contribution in the local economy.

Benefits of investing in Guernsey

Guernsey has a lot to offer to foreign investors and businessmen in exchange for their contribution in local economy.

  • Low tax regime
  • Unique geographic and economic position
  • Straightforward regulatory system
  • World-class professional and financial services
  • Pro-business government
  • Skilled and highly qualified workforce
  • High international credit rating
  • Great place for innovation and networking
  • High standards of life and healthcare
  • Safe and stable environment with very low crime rates
  • Top-class education system
  • A wide choice of residential housing
  • Close proximity and easy access to financial and business hubs

For individuals with high worldwide income, Guernsey offers special high-income tax regimes.

Eligibility and requirements

Investor and entrepreneur visas are initially granted for 2 years subject to extension for another 3 years, provided the applicant complies with all the requirements.

  • Main applicant must be 18 and over.
  • Clean criminal record and no breaches of immigration law.
  • Good character.
  • Available funds for investment.
  • No minimum amount of tax contribution is required.
  • Purchase or rent of an accommodation in the Open Market in order to live there.
  • English language test for entrepreneurs.

Requirements for permanent residence

Investors and entrepreneurs may apply for an Indefinite leave to remain to settle in Guernsey after 5 years of continuous and lawful residence there either in the investor’s capacity or running their business and complying with all the requirements.

Applicants from 18 to 65 must pass the Citizenship Test to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge of English and life in the UK and Guernsey.

Children under 18 can be included in the permanent residence application.

Guernsey’s citizenship requirements

To apply for citizenship in Guernsey, you must spend there at least one year as a permanent resident. So you must have spent at least 6 years in Guernsey after your first entry as an investor or entrepreneur before you apply for Guernsey (British) passport.

Guernsey permits dual citizenship, so you don’t have to renounce your current nationality.

Investment routes

Non-EU passport holders who wish to relocate to Guernsey and/or run their business there have two immigration routes.

Investor visa route

In order to apply for Guernsey residency, the applicant must have £1m available and under their control. Make an investment of at least £750,000 for the benefit of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. There are three investment options offered:

  • Deposit in a Guernsey bank;
  • Purchase and maintenance of another Open Market property;
  • Another opportunity approved by the States of Guernsey.


  • Intention to settle in Guernsey.
  • Self-sufficiency without recourse to public funds.

Entrepreneur visa route

Applicants must invest £200,000 in a new or existing Guernsey company under the entrepreneur visa route. The funds must be in the applicant’s name and ready to be invested.


  • The applicant must manage the company themselves and be involved full-time.
  • The applicant must have a controlling or equal interest in the business.
  • Evidence that the business will create jobs and be economically beneficial for the state.
  • Business experience.
  • Valid business plan.
  • Self-sufficiency without recourse to public funds.
  • New businesses must be registered with the Income Tax Office.

Guernsey property market

Population Management Law regulates the size and make-up of Guernsey’s population to make sure that the island has the right mix of people supporting local economy and community. It determines who can work and live on the island.

Guernsey’s two-tier housing system is divided into a Local Market and an Open Market.

LOCAL MARKET properties are available only for qualified residents that have an existing, automatic right to live on the island. Subject to having an employment permit, employees, self-employed or employers, who are coming to Guernsey to work, are also entitled to live in Local market properties. However, there are controls on how long an occupier can live in a local market property. There will sometimes be other controls on the type of housing that a person can live in and the job they must do and the employer they must work for.

OPEN MARKET is available for newcomers, both from and outside the EU, that wish to establish their residency in Guernsey. It is a straightforward and rapid process. There are no limits on the length of time that families in an Open Market property can live in Guernsey. However, Open market properties are a lot more expensive than the local market ones.

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