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Canada residence by investment

Apply for a Canada residence permit as an investor, entrepreneur or self-employed.

To attract foreign investment to Canada and boost the economy, the government offers several immigration programmes for wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs. They encourage affluent individuals to relocate to Canada and/or do business there, offering them tax and other benefits. Apart from the financial contribution, the government aims to attract foreign talent, experience and innovation.

Funds generated from the investments will be used by Quebec to benefit all its regions and to finance two business support programmes, Business Assistance—Immigrant Investor Program (BAIIP) and Employment Integration Program for Immigrants and Visible Minorities (PRIIME).

Benefits of investing in Canada

Canada’s economy is highly developed mixed economy. It offers endless opportunities for foreign investors and businessmen in exchange for their contribution in the local economy.

  • High ranking in civil liberties, quality of life and economic freedom
  • High level of education and healthcare
  • Cultural, religious and ethnic tolerance
  • Low crime rates
  • High living standards and affordable housing
  • Open, dynamic economy that offers numerous opportunities
  • Free and democratic pluralistic society
  • Fiscal incentives and low operating costs for businesses
  • Visa-free/visa on arrival/e-visa travel to around 160 counties
  • Dual citizenship

Eligibility and requirements

Besides making the required investment applicant must comply with the following criteria:

  • Main applicant must be 18 and over.
  • Clean criminal record and no breaches of immigration law.
  • Good character.
  • Intention to settle in Quebec.
  • Legal source of funds for investment.
  • Knowledge of French and English for entrepreneurs and self-employed.
  • Education and work experience for entrepreneurs.
  • Valid business plan for entrepreneurs.
  • Financial self-sufficiency.

Requirements for permanent residence

Application for Canadian permanent residence is divided in two phases, regional and federal. An individual who wishes to settle in Canada applies under one of the Quebec immigration programmes. Once they are selected by the Quebec authorities and receive their Quebec Selection Certificate, they must apply to the Government of Canada for permanent residence. If your application is successful, you will get a permanent resident visa.

Canadian citizenship requirements

To apply for citizenship in Canada, you must have permanent resident status for five years and spend in Canada at least 1,095 days, i.e. three years, during the 5 years before you submit your citizenship application.

Canada permits dual citizenship, so you don’t have to renounce your current nationality.

Investment routes

There used to be operating the Federal Immigrant Investor/ Entrepreneur Programmes, but they have been recently terminated. However, there are other regional immigration programmes for business people such as Quebec Investor, Quebec Entrepreneur and Quebec Self-Employed Worker programmes.

Quebec Investor

An investment agreement must be signed with an approved financial intermediary for the investment of C$1,200,000 for 5 years. The number of signed agreements is subject to a quota. The investment is guaranteed by the Government of Quebec. Financing options are offered to applicants by brokers and trust companies.


  • At least 2-year management experience in planning, management and control of financial, human or material resources. This must be acquired in 5 years preceding the application.
  • Net assets of C$2,000,000 acquired and available to you alone or together with your accompanying or de facto spouse at least 6 months before the application.

Main attraction of this programme is that your investment will be returned to you in 5 years.

Quebec Entrepreneur

There are two components in the programme,

1. Submitting a business project for creation or acquisition of a business in Quebec.

2. Acquisition of a business in Quebec.

A business must be of agricultural, industrial or commercial nature.  You must make a start-up deposit and a security deposit at a financial institution with an establishment in Québec with whom you have signed a deposit agreement. You must use the start-up deposit to set up your business. A start-up deposit for a business outside the Montréal Metropolitan Community (MMC) is CAD $200,000 or CAD $300,000 if the business is located in the MMC.


  • You must demonstrate that you will manage it yourself or you will participate in it as management and operations partner full-time on a daily basis (agricultural entrepreneur does not have to work full-time).
  • You must control, alone or with your accompanying spouse or common-law spouse, at least 25% of the capital equity with a value of at least C$100,000.
  • You cannot buy a business acquired by another entrepreneur under this programme in 5 years preceding your application.

Quebec Self-Employed Worker

Candidates have been recently encouraged to settle outside metropolitan areas, including they are offered low-skill jobs validated by the state.

Main requirements

  • You must come to Quebec to create your own job by practising a profession or business activities, alone or with other immigration candidates, with or without paid help (you must register with a regulatory body if your profession or trade is regulated in Quebec).
  • You must make a start-up deposit at a financial institution in the region where you are going to work – C$25,000 if outside the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) area or C$50,000 if inside the MMC area.
  • Financial self-sufficiency with net assets of C$100,000 available to you alone or together with your spouse if they are accompanying you.
  • Legal and lawful source of assets.
  • At least 2-year professional experience as a self-employed worker in the field in which you wish to work in Quebec.
  • Relevant education and degree.

Thinking about moving to Canada?

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