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Jersey residence by investment

Benefit from competitive tax rates, develop a business, enjoy a better lifestyle and apply for citizenship in 6 years.

Jersey is a Crown dependency held by the monarch of the United Kingdom though it is not part of the UK. It is a part of the Channel Islands with its own identity.

To promote, attract and retain inward investment for Jersey, to boost economic growth, development and employment, government organisation Locate Jersey is offering High Value Residency programme. They encourage high-net-worth individuals to relocate to the island in exchange for their contribution in the local economy.

Jersey also has a business relocation scheme for low footprint businesses offering competitive tax rates, business-oriented environment, highly qualified workforce and a high level of professional services.

Benefits of investing in Jersey

Jersey has a lot to offer to affluent foreign nationals and businesses in exchange for their contribution in local economy.

  • Open and accessible economy
  • High-end professional services
  • Pro-business environment
  • Government support for digital and tech industries
  • Developed infrastructure, including 3 marinas
  • Competitive tax rates
  • Tax benefits and incentives
  • Highly regarded and well-regulated international jurisdiction
  • Established commercial sector with world’s leading banks and law firms
  • Highly-developed communications network
  • Thriving property market
  • High standards of life and healthcare
  • Safe and stable environment with very low crime rates
  • Top-class education system, cheaper than in the UK
  • Close proximity and easy access to financial and business hubs

Eligibility and requirements

Besides making the required investment the applicant must also comply with following criteria:

  • Main applicant must be 18 and over.
  • Ability to generate at least £145,000 of tax revenues per year.
  • Applicants must pass Due Diligence process.
  • Availability of at least £1.75 million to buy or lease a property.
  • Clean criminal record and no breaches of immigration law.
  • Good character.
  • Business experience.

High-value residency programme

Jersey’s government launched its residency programme in order to attract investments from highly skilled and economically active individuals and grant them residence status in exchange for their social and/or economic contribution to the community.

Qualification requirements

An applicant that wishes to become a high value resident must meet the following criteria:

  1. Contribution to tax revenues. Minimum tax payable must be £145,000 per year.
  2. Annual worldwide sustainable earnings over £725,000.
  3. Contribution to business and social community, including the past ones. For example:
  • voluntary work;
  • funding educational and sporting activities;
  • cultural contribution and talents;
  • creation of jobs and/or training of residents.

Once the entitled status is granted, applicants are free to rent or buy a qualifying property in Jersey and take residence there. Normally, the Population Office requires it to be a high-value property, i.e. valued over £1.75 million.

Successful applicants will also need to obtain a social security number and registration card.

Business relocation scheme

Jersey offers ideal business and taxation environment for businesses to invest, grow and prosper. The government provides necessary support and incentives to encourage businesses to move offshore.

Jersey is a global hub for financial, legal and other professional services.


There are two ways to acquire a business licence and start a business on the island.

1.An applicant must have been resident in Jersey for 5 years (for third-country nationals, please refer to High-value residence programme above), or

2.The business must have social or economic value, such as the amount of taxes paid, creation of high-value jobs and/or training opportunities for islanders, offering graduate and school leaver opportunities, using local service providers, etc.

Application requirements

  • Business plan;
  • 3-year audited accounts for the existing business;
  • Financial forecast with details of staff for the Jersey business.

Once you obtain a licence you can set up a business and employ staff. You must also register the business with the Companies Registry as well as Income and Tax Social Security. And our team can provide support during the whole application process and for the post-approval procedure.

Looking for residence and citizenship experts?

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