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Caribbean citizenship by investment programs

Caribbean citizenship by investment for the whole family for life, starting from just $100,000.

We will help you plan and manage the process of applying for and getting a second passport under economic citizenship programs offered by Caribbean island states. We will provide you with a comprehensive and customised solution that will suit your criteria as well as needs of your family and business. Caribbean passport guarantees you visa-free entry to the EU states and other countries across the globe.

Selecting an investment program without understanding all technicalities can bring you unwanted results. That is why Imperial & Legal experts will assist and guide you every step of the way minimising your personal involvement.

How to get St Kitts passportST KITTS & NEVIS >

The longest-running and one of the most respectable Citizenship by Investment Programs in the world. Worldwide mobility, accelerated processing and 100% confidentiality in return for your contribution in the fast-growing national economy.

How to get Dominica citizenship by investment.DOMINICA >

Minimum investment and quick processing time, with money recoverable after 3 years, as opposed to 5 years in other programs. No residency, visitation, language or interview requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda passport by investmentANTIGUA AND BARBUDA >

One of the lowest-cost Citizenship by Investment Programs in the world. Opportunity to invest in a growing economy en route to diversification through various options. No education requirement or work experience needed.

Greneda pssport by investmentGRENADA >

Invest in the development of this emerging economy with vast business opportunities. The only Caribbean state offering visa-free travel to China. Opportunity to apply for the E2 visa to the United States to be able to work and bring family there.

How to get St Lucia passportST LUCIA >

Efficient and streamlined application process. A range of attractive investment options and flexible terms. Dual nationality and second passport for the whole family and future generations.

Want to invest in second citizenship?

We will customise a solution for your family on your budget and help you obtain second a passport. Contact us today to get expert advice.