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Worldwide mobility

Travel around the world visa-free with a second passport.

Want to travel around the world without a visa?

Visa application is generally a time-consuming and painstaking process. Visas are issued for a limited period of time and have to be re-applied for again and again. And they are not cheap, to top it up. Citizens of different countries have visa-free access to a certain number of foreign countries, and that number depends on the passport you hold. For example, Syrian citizens are currently entitled to visa-free access to 37 countries only while Spanish nationals can travel to 164 countries without any problem.

Benefits of a second passport

One passport restricts the freedom of travel and mobility. Nowadays, businessmen need that freedom to be able to expand their opportunities, business connections and grow their business. Second citizenship can be also very beneficial from the taxation point of view.

Besides, apart from pure business-related benefits, a second passport is your passport to knowledge and experience; it opens up the world of various cultures and languages, expands personal horizons and makes you a global citizen.

If you have passports of more than one country, based on dual citizenship and multiple citizenship laws of the relevant countries, the number of countries where you can travel visa-free can increase significantly.

If you buy a passport of one of the Caribbean or European countries under one of the citizenship by investment programs, you can get visa-free access to over 120 countries. For example, Dominican citizens are currently allowed visa-free travel to 123 countries while Malta’s passport guarantees access to as many as 161 countries.

At the same time, it is also important to check the list of countries where you can travel visa-free with one of the CBI passports. For example, Grenada offers its passport to foreign citizens under its citizenship by investment program and ensures visa-free travel to 127 countries, not as many as a Cyprus passport, for example; however, Grenadians can apply for an US E2 work visa and go to the USA to do business there. The latter option is only available to a limited number of countries.

Imperial & Legal also offers residence by investment programs, such as Portugal residence by investment program, United Kingdom residence by investment program and other programs. A Swiss or a Belgian passport offers visa-free entry to 163 countries. However, the procedure for obtaining a passport through one of the residence by investment programs is not as easy as through citizenship by investment programs because it involves obtaining residence permits first and then applying for a passport. A residence by investment program is not a direct route to a second passport. So, the choice is yours.

Imperial & Legal will be happy to provide advice and information on residence by investment programs and citizenship by investment programs that we offer. Buying a second passport is an important decision in the life of any foreign investor and businessman. It shouldn’t be a rushed one; it should be given careful thought and thorough consideration.

We access each case individually and offer only personalised solutions for our valued clients. We will find a program and a country for you and your family based on your needs and requirements, especially in terms of visa-free travel.

Tired or applying for visas?

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements and we will help you obtain a second passport that would enable you to travel to more countries without a visa.