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Management of Intellectual Property

We help businesses identify their IP and prepare an IP strategy in order to protect and manage their assets effectively.
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A business IP encompasses all of the intangible assets that the firm holds. Principally, this includes things like copyright in original creative works, database rights as well as trademarks, industrial designs, models, and patents. However, there are a lot more intangible assets such as confidential information and commercial secrets, articles of non-disclosed information, contracts and licences (distribution, website, software), etc.

Intellectual property is the term for anything unique: information, knowledge, ideas and expertise — that a business relies on. It is a secret to nobody, that IP, managed properly, can increase returns.

Organisations that want to use from their know-how and original ideas to full extent should make an effort and work out an IP strategy for their business. Another important thing is to carefully integrate it within their corporate strategy. This means taking intellectual property matters into consideration when drafting business and marketing plans. A standard IP strategy should at least include policies on acquisition, use and monitoring of intellectual property.

Efficient IP management

Here are some important things to consider in order to manage intellectual property in a better way.

  • Where to develop and hold IP;
  • Using finances in the right way;
  • Legal protection;
  • Tax considerations.

IP management in different jurisdictions

Every country offers numerous benefits and advantages for your corporation to manage intellectual property. They include:

  • Tax incentives for research and development initiatives;
  • Low effective taxation of the holding vehicle;
  • Use of double taxation treaties for reducing withholding tax on trans-border royalty payments;
  • Beneficial VAT rates and optimisation of input VAT recovery;
  • No strict domestic transfer pricing rules.

Our services

Imperial & Legal has been dealing with IP issues for many years. We can help you identify what kind of intellectual property you hold because not all businesses are aware of that. We will also recommend where best to protect and maintain it.

Together with you, keeping your needs in mind, we will work out and develop an IP strategy to manage your intangible assets in a more efficient way. Our support starts from implementing that strategy to revising and updating it at later stages. We will make sure you are fully aware of any IP rules and regulations, and their developments, as well as tax implications in any jurisdiction.

Our team of professionals is always happy to assist our clients in registering trademarks and other elements of your intellectual property.

Want to protect your Intellectual Property?

We have been working with IP for years, registering it, managing it and protecting it within a bigger corporate strategy. Contact us today to prepare your IP strategy.