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Translation and interpreting

We offer a wide range of translation and interpreting services for individuals and corporations worldwide.

Why choose us?

Imperial & Legal offers professional translation/ interpreting services from translation of documents of any type, English to Russian and Russian to English, to simultaneous interpreting at all kinds of events. We offer translation and interpreting support for delegations, groups, individuals.

You can also have your translated documents certified by a notary or solicitor, or apostilled.

Our translators and interpreters are members of the UK Institute of Translation & Interpreting, so they are approved and certified professionals. We guarantee the following:

  • High-quality and reliability
  • Short turnaround time
  • Clarity and accuracy
  • Experience over 10 years
  • Knowledge in many sectors and industries
  • Attention to detail and professionalism
  • Tailor-made
  • Punctual and tactful interpreters
  • Smart look

How to place an order for a translator or interpreter?

Various types of translation or interpreting from and into English; ways to benefit from higher quality at a lower cost

Translation services

Languages we work with are English, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Italian, Slovenian. We also translate from other languages upon request. Topics and areas of expertise we cover are numerous and varied; please contact us for more information. Here are just a few examples of what we translate:

  • Personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, passports, etc.)
  • Contracts and agreements (Sales, Purchase, NDA, LOI, shareholders agreements, etc.)
  • Financial and accounting documents (statements, analysis, reports, etc.)
  • Business correspondence
  • Video materials (translation and/or transcription), subtitles
  • Websites
  • Logistic and commercial materials and documents (invoices, waybills, etc.)
  • Promotion and marketing materials (catalogues, presentations, printouts, brochures, etc.)
  • Technical datasheets and specifications, user manuals, patents, tenders
  • Manufacturing documentation

We adapt all the texts to the target language trying to make them more native-reader-friendly. We accept texts in any format and configuration, such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, XLIFF, etc.

Interpreting services

Based on your needs, our interpreters can provide consecutive or simultaneous interpreting. You can request an interpreter for the following occasions: business negotiations and lunches, speaker events, business forums, formal functions and summits, gala dinners, meetings, presentations, workshops, conferences, trade shows, factory visits, etc. Personal occasions include visit to a doctor, a solicitor or notary, to a bank or school. We are also happy to provide tour guides.

Topics covered by our interpreters include legal, insurance, finances, taxation and accounting, healthcare and education, trading and logistics, marketing and advertisement, export activities, production equipment and manufacturing, construction, printing, agriculture, industrial and interior design, arts, culture and many more.

Our interpreters always get ready for anything you need them for, and with your support come to an assignment equipped with background information. It minimises misunderstanding and questions during the interpreting. We can also arrange for you to meet your interpreter in advance, so you know who you will be working with.

Phone and online video interpreting

If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, or a situation requires it to be a distant talk, we can arrange a phone interpreting or an online interpreting (with/without video) for you. Advantages of this interpreting are lower cost, quicker set-up (it can be arranged almost instantly), more convenient (parties can be anywhere in the world) and no personal presence is needed (in some cases a client might prefer an interpreter to be non-present).

Online Skype interpreting

We provide interpreters for Skype conferences. We can guarantee they will do their job in the most efficient and smooth way. To make a Skype conference more efficient, an interpreter will ask you to send them all available materials related to that conference, which are not classified or confidential. This will ensure a high quality of interpreting at your negotiations, presentation or meeting.

Business trip support

Our interpreters will accompany you in business trips inside and outside the UK. Prior to a business trip, an interpreter will ask you to send them all available materials related to the trip with topics to be discussed. You can rest assured that they will help you make the most of your trip.

Extra services

Gist translation when an overall understanding (or gist) of the content is needed, not the whole text. It saves time and money.

Proof-reading of any text, finding errors and attracting the client’s attention to them.

We also edit texts in English and Russian (other languages are available upon request).

Audio & Video Transcription of English and Russian texts (contact us for other languages).

Certification and Apostille

We can have your documents translated and certified in a few ways:

  • Translator-certified. Translator’s certification and signature might be enough. However, we strongly recommend you consult with whoever requires a certification whether this is enough for their purposes. We can provide you with a standard wording of this certification. You can benefit from a lower price and short delivery time.
  • Notary- or solicitor-certified. This service comes at a higher cost and takes more time.
  • Apostille, or legalisation. Documents need to be apostilled when required to be submitted in a country outside the UK. These are usually personal and immigration documents.

Standard documents that require certification or apostille are powers of attorney, personal documents (passports, birth and death certificates, etc.), contracts and agreements, financial and accounting documents.


Need a professional translator?

Whether it is a text or business meeting, we cater to all needs and clients. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.