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Corporate services

We provide incorporation, accounting, bank account opening and other business support services around the globe.

Imperial & Legal has experience and knowledge in providing incorporation, accounting and other support for companies across the globe. We offer complex solutions and a full range of services starting from registering a new company, managing and maintaining it till selling it off to a new owner. You can rest assured that all your financial, taxation and registration matters will be in perfect order and complying will all relevant laws and regulations.

Our specialists work with individuals and assist both small and medium businesses and large corporations. We constantly keep track of all global developments and trends which allows us to improve the quality of our service and work out the best strategy for every client.


Select from a wide choice of types of companies that can be incorporated in the United Kingdom. We will help you start and set up your business in this prestigious jurisdiction with its transparent legal and taxation systems. We will make sure you have your company fast and running in compliance with all statutory requirements. Ask us what taxes you need to pay, what reports you need to send and how best benefit from the system.


Our experts have experience in establishing business in many well-known and not so popular jurisdictions. We know how to use an offshore company to your fullest advantage in 100% legal way. Through proper planning, evaluation and assessment we manage to reduce tax liabilities, get tax benefits and protect your assets. Offshores are an ideal solution if you need to keep your finances safe and secret, acquire property or have access to the higher quality of banking and legal services.


Make sure your business complies with all reporting requirements and register for payroll (PAYE), VAT and other services. Have professionals manage your bookkeeping and accounting affairs, prepare your financial accounts, VAT, Payroll and other reports. Find out if your business is required to conduct an audit, when and how to do it. We can help with tax optimisation to make the best of your profit and income. You can appoint us to deal with the Companies House, HMRC and other government bodies on your behalf.


Acquiring a business with us in the UK or another country has never been easier. You can buy an existing business if you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in setting up a new company and putting all the processes in place. Previous owners not just sell a business — they sell their market share, clients and reputation. To avoid buying problems as well, get support from professionals and protect your investment.


Whether you plan to open a new company, restructure or expand the existing one or secure funding or a loan from a bank, a well-written and detailed business plan will help you put your ideas onto paper, determine your goals and targets and forecast spending and potential losses. We also help prepare business plans for our clients who apply for Entrepreneur and Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visas.


No matter what your business is doing and on which markets it is operating, our qualified translators and interpreters will provide professional linguistic support anywhere, anyhow, anytime. With over 10 years of experience and knowledge in many industries, we make sure your documents are translated, certified and legalised in an efficient and timely manner. Your business meetings, presentations and seminars run smoothly in any language.

Need comprehensive business support?

We have been offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses worldwide. Contact us to receive comprehensive business advice.