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Relocation and refurbishment

We offer a full range of services to move to the UK from obtaining a visa to the property search and finding schools for your children

Things To Know About Relocation to the UK

For centuries, the UK has been attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world. They bring their families to the UK because it is a safe and comfortable country to live in, get a quality education at British colleges and universities, and open a company in one of the world’s financial hubs.

The UK government, laws, culture and way of life have always differed from continental Europe. Even when the UK was in the EU, it enjoyed a special status.

To move to the UK worry-free, you need professional help to prepare documents and assist you with relocation. Imperial & Legal’s experienced team provides quality service on a wide range of relocation matters making it efficient, effective, and enjoyable for you. We will:

  • Draft a plan for your relocation, including choosing and obtaining a visa that suits your case.
  • Search for a property for you.
  • Assist you with getting comfortable in a new home.
  • Find a school that suits your family’s needs.
  • Arrange for your pets to travel safely to the UK and manage all other relocation matters.

We can assist with accommodation, school placements, interior design and refurbishment, settling in a new home, recruitment and management of household staff.

Moving to the UK smoothly requires managing many things at the same time: obtaining the right visa, finding a property for your family and a school for your children, transporting things, and pets, opening bank accounts and planning tax affairs. Imperial & Legal will provide a turnkey relocation solution to the UK.

Before Moving To the UK

You decided to relocate to the UK. Have you already found accommodation, a job, or a school? Have you calculated the cost of living? If you cannot answer “yes” to at least one question, you need to get in touch with our company.

Tips from Imperial & Legal

  1. Come to the UK on a Standard Visitor visa for at least a month; one or two weeks won’t be enough. Do not stay in a hotel. Rent a property in the neighbourhood where you plan to live.
  2. If you are happy with the place including transport infrastructure, shops, hospitals, nurseries, schools, and cafes, talk to a reliable advisor. Experts will help you get a visa, buy or rent a property, and solve any relocation issues.
  3. Take care of your savings in advance. For example, in the UK the money in your savings account is not taxed. If you do not want to pay taxes later, well-off foreigners sell some assets before moving and keep money in an international bank account.

Obtaining UK Indefinite Leave to Remain

Foreigners can stay in the UK long-term only if they have:

  1. A long-term visa;
  2. Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), or settlement;
  3. A British passport.

Long-term visas allow for a stay in the UK for more than six months, unlike tourist visas. Usually, it means several years and immigrants can extend their visas, switch to another category or obtain an ILR.

Applicants need to comply with all immigration requirements and after getting an entry clearance do the same activities which they applied for. Applicants for UK student visas should study at a full-time course. Spouses of UK nationals and permanent residents cannot stay in the UK after divorce. Applicants for a UK Skilled Worker visa need to work for the company that issued a certificate of sponsorship while business visa applicants should focus on developing their business.

You can apply for an ILR after having lived in the UK for 5 years (although this can be from 3 to 10 years). All adult applicants need to have a good command of English and pass the Life in the UK test in order to get an ILR.

ILR holders have almost the same rights as British citizens, but most of them still apply for UK citizenship when the time comes. It usually takes five to six years to get a British passport.

Imperial & Legal is neither an estate agent nor are we affiliated with any.  We only represent you, the buyer, whilst estate agents represent the seller. Therefore, we offer unbiased and balanced support to ensure you find and purchase or rent the right property at the right price.

We have years of experience sourcing the finest properties from property agents, and private sellers and will also offer you those which are yet to reach the open market. Our team will guide you through the whole process starting with an introductory meeting where you will tell us about your needs and requirements until your family settles in your new property.

Refurbishment & Interior Design

Adding a personal touch to a property is what makes it a home. Imperial & Legal’s advisors will ensure that when you move into your new home, it is exactly as you dream it would be, finished to an impeccably high standard and fully functional.

Our services:

  • Customised furniture
  • Interior design
  • Property renovations
  • Home improvements.

Renting Property in the UK

Whether you are looking for a large family home or a flat close to work or a child’s school, our Imperial & Legal’s team will help you find your perfect property. Our knowledge and expertise in the local real estate market is unrivalled and we pride ourselves on giving our clients the very best advice and guidance.

We will find you an accommodation to rent easily and quickly. We will be tactful and offer you an exclusive insight into this diverse market, with a variety of properties to choose from. Our dedicated team of experts will help you refine your criteria, shortlist the properties for you, accompany you during all negotiations, check the contractual terms, finalise the deal, and help you settle in.

School Placement

Finding the right school for a child is a huge headache for those who move to the UK. The whole selection and application process creates a lot of anxiety in parents.

There are free state schools and independent fee-charging schools in the UK. Some might argue that an independent school is better for your child’s future. However, education in British state schools is of high quality. But it’s worth checking which state school to apply to.

Imperial & Legal’s team of experts will take pressure off you by arranging every step of school selection and application on your behalf.

The Process of Choosing a UK School

  1. We will invite you for a meeting with our Imperial & Legal’s school expert to define your family criteria and wishes. We will explain the different options available to your family and recommend schools that suit your needs.
  2. After checking availability directly with schools or with local authorities, we will provide you with inspection reports and full details of the application process for these specific schools.
  3. If you cannot be in the UK for open days and private visits, we will act as “stand-in” parents at these events and provide a detailed report with recommendations.
  4. After we have helped you decide which schools to apply to, we will ensure all the paperwork is complete and delivered on time.
  5. We will follow up with either state or independent schools until the enrolment process is complete.

How to Bring Pets to the UK?

Moving to a prosperous country and settling in a new property are happy moments for most immigrants. However, the relocation can also create a lot of stress. It is important to settle in as quickly as possible. People who keep their habits and even bring their pets, who are also family members, settle in quicker.

Fortunately, there are almost no bans on bringing cats and dogs to the UK. However, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Certain types of dogs are banned from entering the UK.
  2. Start planning your pet’s move at least six months in advance. Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies, treated for tapeworm and microchipped. Your pet should have a passport and health certificate.

Other Services for Relocation to the UK

Unfortunately, we cannot cover all services we offer our clients in one article. Imperial & Legal’s experts offer complex solutions and a full range of services, from obtaining a visa and assistance with moving to the UK to investing money, running your business and reducing your tax burden.

FAQ about relocation to the UK

Which UK Business Visa shall I choose?

There are three business visas for entrepreneurs: Innovator visa, Global Business Mobility visa and Global Talent visa.

  • A UK Innovator visa is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea which is supported by an authorised endorsing body that issues an endorsement letter.
  • A UK Global Business Mobility visa is ideal for a foreign specialist who works on expanding business in the UK. The maximum time you can stay in the UK on a UK Global Business Mobility visa is two years and it does not lead to an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). However, it is a relatively easy route to the UK. Later, you can switch to a UK Skilled Worker visa within the UK which allows you to apply for an ILR.
  • A UK Global Talent Visa suits entrepreneurs and talented people with many professional achievements, who can prove it and want to develop their business activities in the UK. UK Global Talent visa allows you to run your own business or be employed. 

Applicants must prove their qualifications and skills for all three types of visas. Find out more about immigration visas on our website.

Why buying a property in the UK is not a good idea for new residents?

Renting is better than buying because it makes you more flexible if you decide to change the area where you live or schools.

Most rentals are longer than one year, but it is possible to terminate the contract after six months. In any case, we recommend checking the contract carefully or having it checked by an advisor.

Are there tax reliefs for first-time buyers of a UK property?

The stamp duty rate will vary from 0 to 17% based on the purchase value, your immigration status and whether you have another property. If you buy your first property, you will be exempt from the extra 3% surcharge. If you are a UK resident, you do not have to pay the 2% surcharge.

What are the benefits of studying in the UK?

UK education is cutting-edge and of high quality. A degree from a UK university is highly rated all over the world. UK quality education is a great investment in your children’s future. They will have a brilliant career in an international company or run their own business. UK universities have a great reputation due to their long history and rigorous academic standards. Students can be expelled for poor academic performance no matter how much money their parents pay.

Another benefit of UK education is unique networking opportunities. Your child will get to know both their peers and teachers, and, who knows, some of these acquaintances may be useful in the future.

Which breeds of dogs are banned from entering the UK?

In the UK, it’s against the law to own certain types of dogs. Whether your dog is banned depends on what it looks like rather than its breed. You can get a huge fine for bringing a banned dog to the UK.

These are the types of banned breeds:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Japanese Tosa. 

The listed breeds are used for fighting and hunting and are considered to be dangerous due to both specific physical abilities and difficult behaviour. It’s against the law to own banned breeds in the UK. However, if the court thinks it’s not a danger to the public, you’ll be given a Certificate of Exemption.

Want to move to United Kingdom?

We will make sure that your relocation process is efficient, effective and enjoyable for you. Contact us to find our more on how we can help you.