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A businessman package: UK Investor visa and Grenada passport for worldwide mobility

When the elder daughter Anna was in her seventh year at school, Sergey and his wife Elena started thinking about her future education. She has a great artistic talent and has graduated from the arts school with honours. The only thing that interests Anna is visual arts and design. The younger son has just started school and he is enjoying his English lessons over Skype with a teacher from London. A British school of design for the daughter and potentially a polytechnic university for the son – the family decide that the children will get secondary and higher education abroad, and the first choice is the UK.

Our heroes

  • Sergey, 44 years old, owner of a large machine-building plant in Novosibirsk.
  • Elena, 37 years old, Sergey’s wife.
  • Anna, 13 years old, daughter.
  • Nikolay, 7 years old, son.

Plans and goals

  1. Get a visa to the UK so kids can study at English schools and in future apply to universities.
  2. Secure a right for Sergey to travel the world without visas so he can expand his business on the global market without hurdles.
  3. Settle in a new country: find an accommodation, schools and colleges for the future.

Step-by-step solution

When Sergey comes to Imperial & Legal, he is far from understanding what chances his family has in terms of relocating to the UK, buying a property here, finding schools and colleges for the kids. He has another challenge – his business in Russia requires constant support and monitoring and Sergey would need to spend most of his time there.

A solution is found – it is decided to make Sergey’s wife Elena the main visa applicant. Imperial & Legal are sure that an Investor visa is the best category that could give the family what they want.

Tier 1 Investor visa to the UK

Investment amount


£ 2,000,000

5 years6 years

£ 5,000,000

3 years5 years

£ 10,000,000

2 years5 years

After investing £2,000,000 into UK-registered companies, the family from Novosibirsk receive their investor visas without taking an English language test. A UK investor has the following rights and freedoms:

  1. To bring a family to the UK.
  2. To work, run a business, study or do nothing at all while enjoying life in a safe and secure environment.
  3. To extend a visa after 3 years and 4 months for another two years, and after 5 years of living in the country to apply for permanent residence (settlement, ILR) provided you pass an English test and Life in the UK test.

Once settled, a UK investor can sell their stocks and shares in UK companies and recover their money, or even receive a significant gain.

One year after settlement, Sergey and his family would be able to apply for naturalisation and get their British passports.

Виза инвестора в Англию

How to help Sergey?

Sergey has another concern. He is planning to soon start expanding his business and has been already negotiating with companies from Germany and Italy. Business trips to Europe and maybe USA might become quite frequent. Even being a UK resident, Sergey would still have to apply for visas to all these countries.

Immigration lawyers from Imperial & Legal offer an ideal solution, to invest in a Caribbean citizenship and passport.

Citizenship by investment programs have a lot of benefits.

  1. Required investment amount is less than in Europe. To get Caribbean passports for the whole family, Sergey buys a share in a resort that is being built in Grenada for $230,000.
  2. Citizenship can be obtained remotely. Citizenship by investment programs are run by public authorities and applications are submitted through licensed agents. Imperial & Legal takes care of the whole process, and Sergey does not even have to leave Russia to collect their second passports.
  3. Minimum requirements. There is no need to take a language test or prove your knowledge of history and culture of the country. New citizens do not even have to visit their new home country.
  4. Worldwide mobility. In 3 months after submitting applications, Sergey receives Grenada passports by post and can now travel to over 130 countries without visas, including Schengen states and the UK. Moreover, Grenada citizenship gives an opportunity to apply for an E-2 work visa to the USA that is not available to all countries. Sergey started preparing an application straight away.

паспорт Гренады для бизнесмена

Meanwhile in the UK

While Caribbean citizenship applications are being processed, Imperial & Legal experts are preparing documents for an investor visa and opening of an investment account. Investor route is relatively easy and quick, and it takes only a month and a half for Sergey and his family to get their visas that open doors to the world of opportunities.

Besides, a school is found in London for kids to continue their studies, and they have already successfully passed interviews. All the paperwork is submitted, and the enrolment process is finalised without any problems with the help of Imperial & Legal. In September, they are going to start their first year in a new school.

A dream home

Because the school matter is solved very quickly and the family needs to move in summer, Elena is worried about where they will live. Therefore, she is relieved when advisers from Imperial & Legal say they can help them with property search as well. Surrey turns out to be the best solution in terms of what the family wants, quiet neighbourhood, clean and cosy houses, relatively light traffic and close proximity to the school where the children will study. Sergey and Elena have been lucky because the first house they view turns out to be an ideal home, with a beautiful fence, cut trees and carved porch. Besides, the house is fresh after refurbishment and does not require any immediate investment.

Another thing where Imperial & Legal’s assistance is indispensable is opening UK personal bank accounts for the whole family and buying a car. In the end, Sergey, Elena and their children are fully equipped to embark on a journey in a new place and a new country.

переехать с семьей в Великобританию


Establishing a firm relationship

Sergey keeps in touch with Imperial & Legal on a weekly to monthly basis coming for business and tax consultations. What business projects are successful in Europe? What’s best, to set up your own business or invest in an existing one? What are tax benefits and allowances available to him? All these questions and many more are where Imperial & Legal have expertise.

Furthermore, Sergey and Elena focus a lot on the future of their kids, which is why they have already started researching about universities and asking for professional advice from Imperial & Legal.


Imperial & Legal team has to solve an unusual task, to help a wealthy investor settle in the UK, travel around the world without visas and ensure high-quality education for kids.

All matters are resolved by applying for a second nationality and a UK visa that in the future will also lead to British citizenship. But the cooperation never stops. The family finds a school, a house and gets all they need with the help of Imperial & Legal. They are now looking into university options. Business and tax consultations are provided by our knowledgeable tax and legal experts.

Tired of getting general advice?

We will work with you to find a customised solution for your immigration, second citizenship, business, tax and other needs.

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