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Entrepreneur visa to the UK: New business and a happy family reunion

Another year at the St. Paul’s School in London is coming to an end and Vladimir starts thinking about further education for their kids. He and his wife have always wanted their sons to get a higher education in England; they have even found perfect colleges for them. Besides, Vladimir has been dreaming about conquering the UK market for a long time – what will all his IT companies in the UAE, Kazakhstan, and Germany. And England offers all the comforts and opportunities all of them can only dream of.

Our heroes

  • Vladimir, 42 years old, successful businessman, owner of IT companies in 4 countries.
  • Olesya, 39 years old, Vladimir’s wife.
  • Anton and Alexey, 17 years old, twin brothers, Vladimir and Olesya’s sons. Finishing their studies at a prestigious private school in London.

Plans and goals

  1. To enrol kids in a UK college once they finish school.
  2. To set up a representative office of Vladimir’s company in Great Britain. To enter a high-potential and growing UK market.
  3. To provide a smooth relocation of the family to a new place.

Всесторонняя поддержка в Англии

Right approach

Vladimir comes to Imperial & Legal to discuss his requirements and plans, one of which was to develop the existing IT business in the United Kingdom. A Representative of an Overseas Business visa seems like an ideal solution, but Vladimir is the major shareholder in his business, and that’s a no go with that type of visa. An applicant cannot own more than 50% of shares in the parent company that sets up a representative office abroad.

After immigration lawyers at Imperial & Legal explain main criteria and benefits of different visa categories, the client chooses an Entrepreneur visa. For four weeks, Imperial & Legal team is helping Vladimir draft a business plan for his entry to the British market and integration of the UK company with his other international businesses.

A businessman applying for an Entrepreneur visa does not only have to invest at least £200,000 in a new UK business. They must also speak good English to be able to do business in the country, at level B1 or higher according to European classification. Vladimir’s English was relatively fluent, and his family in general has no problem with speaking the language. The English language test is arranged by Imperial & Legal with one of the approved providers in London and the businessman successfully passes it.

Family reunited

For over 10 years, Vladimir has been living and developing his business in the United Arab Emirates. The headquarters are in Dubai where he is working as well, so that’s where, as a resident, he can apply for a visa to come to the UK.

As the businessman is keen to resolve the visa matter as soon as possible, he decides to pay for the priority visa service. And it is worth it; the decision was is within a month.

Not all family members are as lucky as Vladimir. They all live in different parts of the world and can not apply from Dubai. Children are studying at school in London while their mother spends most of her time aboard.

Entrepreneur visa allows to bring a spouse and minor children to the UK. Expert lawyers suggest a solution where Vladimir’s family would apply on the basis of him having received his visa. They also use a fast-track service and a month later the whole family has visas and can travel to the UK to finally be together.

Виза предпринимателя в Англию

Comprehensive support

Apart from opening bank accounts for all family members, experts in Imperial & Legal started looking for a flat the family can call home. One of the most prestigious and expensive areas of London, Knightsbridge, seems to be offering the best places in terms of proximity to a school and colleges. Within three weeks of actively searching for a place, the family rents a wonderful apartment in that high-end area.

With future projects in mind, as well as legal and tax issues that may arise, Vladimir decides to purchase the Imperial package for his business. It includes not only assistance and support with company incorporation, but also regular consultations from Imperial & Legal experts, English-speaking secretary, a business address and help with opening a corporate bank account.

The legal firm solves a wide range of issues and can provide professional support in any matter from bookkeeping to preparing financial accounts and tax optimisation. And they keep in mind all benefits and allowances that the UK legislation has to offer.

Imperial & Legal keeps providing legal and immigration support of Vladimir’s family in the UK. And very soon, the UK representative office will bear first fruits of a job well planned and well done.


His sons finishing a private school in the UK serves as a springboard for Vladimir. After consulting with Imperial & Legal team, he not only secures an excellent further education for them but manages to set up a representative office in Great Britain. Thanks to the possibilities of the chosen visa category, immigration team at Imperial & Legal manages to unite on the British soil the whole family that otherwise would have been scattered around the world.

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