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Road is still open for investors and businessmen to come to the UK

PUBLISHED: 20 May 2019

Though Tier 1 Entrepreneur and Graduate Entrepreneur visas were cancelled from 29 March 2019, and significant changes were introduced to the Investor route, there is nothing to fear for those who still want to come to the UK, set up and run a business there, or invest in the economy.

Investor visa

Investors are still required to invest £2 million, but instead of government bonds, that were cancelled, they can do it by buying shares or bonds of UK registered companies. They have to show the source of funds or 2-year bank statements. There will be more background checks carried out on investors, but generally everything stays the same and based on our experience we don’t see any problems for new investors to apply and come to the UK. Find out more>

Representative of an Overseas Business visa

This route is open to foreign businessmen. It has not been changed at all and still offers an opportunity to set up a UK business and expand on the global market. The key requirement for a representative is not to be a majority shareholder in the parent company but hold a senior position there. Relevant education, business experience and knowledge of English are a must.

Visas for entrepreneurs

Foreign businessmen are offered two new routes, a Start-up visa and an Innovator visa. They are in many ways similar to Entrepreneur and Graduate Entrepreneur visas; however, financial and education requirements have been reduced. At the same time a business idea must be endorsed and proved viable, innovative and scalable.

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