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5 things you can do without leaving your home

Your health and wellbeing is our top priority and we are here to help you solve issues remotely via email, phone and Skype calls.

If you are a businessman or a globe-trotter and are forced to self-isolate or work from home our experts have prepared a list of things for you that don’t require stepping outside. We can help you resolve issues of your foreign business, apply for a visa or obtain second citizenship – and all of this from the comfort of your own home through phone or Skype conferences.

Our qualified lawyers can help you solve the following matters remotely without social interaction and at a distance from anywhere in the world.

1. Apply or extend your UK visa

Book an immigration consultation with our qualified immigration lawyers by Skype or phone call. If you are looking to apply for a new UK visa or extend your existing one, start your application and prepare all necessary documents today without leaving your home. In some cases, we might require some original notarised documents and supporting documents to be sent to us with courier and you would only need to leave home for an appointment to submit your biometrics.

LATEST NEWS: If you are in the UK on a temporary visa and it expires before 31 May 2020, it will be automatically extended. If you are in the UK on a visitor visa, apply for long-term visa. Read full article>

2. Take care of your tax matters

Get an individual tax consultation from our tax experts by Skype or phone call. Find out your tax residence status. Prepare a self-assessment tax return. Plan and optimise your UK and foreign taxes.

3. Take care of your business needs

Register a company in the UK – contact us to get initial advice and provide us with details about your planned business. We will prepare and submit all necessary documents for registration of a company. Alternatively, you can also buy an existing company – contact us for more details.
Manage your business – we can prepare annual accounts for your company, take care of VAT returns, payroll and other bookkeeping and accounting matters.

4. Get Caribbean citizenship

Apply for one of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes without leaving your home. First, book a consultation with our citizenship by investment experts. Second, email us scanned copies of documents for us to start preparing all necessary forms and applications. At a later stage we will ask you and you would need to arrange to get your original documents (with translation were necessary) notarised and courier them to us.


How to get St Kitts passportST KITTS & NEVIS >

The longest-running and one of the most respectable Citizenship by Investment Programs in the world. Worldwide mobility, accelerated processing and 100% confidentiality in return for your contribution in the fast-growing national economy.

How to get Dominica citizenship by investment.DOMINICA >

Minimum investment and quick processing time, with money recoverable after 3 years, as opposed to 5 years in other programs. No residency, visitation, language or interview requirements.

Antigua and Barbuda passport by investmentANTIGUA AND BARBUDA >

One of the lowest-cost Citizenship by Investment Programs in the world. Opportunity to invest in a growing economy en route to diversification through various options. No education requirement or work experience needed.

Greneda pssport by investmentGRENADA >

Invest in the development of this emerging economy with vast business opportunities. The only Caribbean state offering visa-free travel to China. Opportunity to apply for the E2 visa to the United States to be able to work and bring family there.

How to get St Lucia passportST LUCIA >

Efficient and streamlined application process. A range of attractive investment options and flexible terms. Dual nationality and second passport for the whole family and future generations.

5. Buy a property in United Kingdom

This is an ideal time to buy investment properties as it is possible to purchase real estate in the UK from the comfort of your home as most properties provide very good pictures and virtual tours and does not require you to travel for viewings. We will help you find the right property, you will be able to sign a deal and obtain all paperwork without leaving your home.

Get yourself a head start

The coronavirus pandemic is going to come to an end, everything will get back to normal and people will start planning their future again, so do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today – without putting your health or life at risk. Expert team at Imperial & Legal is always ready to talk to you and discuss your issues.


Want to get a second citizenship or apply for UK visa?

We will offer a tailored solution to you and your family based on your circumstances. Contact us today for your personalised solution.