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UK Start-Up Visa for Two Developers

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When we decided to introduce our app in the UK market, we did not consider immigration. But after speaking to Imperial & Legal’s advisors, we realised that it was a unique chance to relocate to the UK and then get an Indefinite Leave to Remain. We obviously welcomed that opportunity to get new experiences.

Brandon, 24 years old
Entrepreneur from Canada
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Imperial & Legal has extensive experience in dealing with young entrepreneurs who want to set up a start-up in the United Kingdom. Therefore, we knew exactly what to do when two friends contacted us about launching a UK business. Our experts scheduled a consultation for them straight away to discuss the details.

Our Clients

Brandon and Daniel are from Canada. They met in college and together developed various IT products, including a food delivery application. It quickly became popular since it saved time and allowed to order fresh food directly from supermarkets. 

The business was growing and generating profit. Brandon and Daniel decided to expand it to the UK. The demand for food deliveries increased during the pandemic and remained high since, so our clients were sure that their business project would be endorsed.

The Challenge

To draft a business plan, help clients get an endorsement letter, and prepare documents for UK Start-up visa applications. 

The Solution

Our clients had not thought about relocating to the before talking to Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors. It turned out to be a good option. They met the visa requirements and decided to give it a go.

A UK Start-up visa is for novice entrepreneurs who enter the British market for the first time. There are no investment requirements, but an applicant must have their idea endorsed by an endorsing body.

It was hard for Brandon and Daniel to prepare a business plan without professional help since they did not know the acceptance criteria and were afraid that the endorsing body would reject their application.

Imperial & Legal’s business experts helped identify all the benefits of the software application for the users. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to order food from one or more local supermarkets that offer a delivery option. Orders are paid online, and a courier can be contacted about the order.

Our specialists worked out the business model and helped the clients develop a business plan. It was clear and easy to present to the endorsing body.

To accelerate the endorsement procedure, our experts outlined three characteristics of the proposed business plan:

  • Innovativeness – the business idea was innovative and different from similar businesses.
  • Viability – the applicants had the knowledge, skills, and expertise in the relevant field to develop their start-up.
  • Scalability – the business had the potential to expand and create new jobs and enter the international market.

Brandon and Daniel get UK Start-up visas in two months

18 July
The contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+2 weeks
A business plan is drafted
+1 week
Documents for the endorsing body are prepared
+1 day
An application is sent to the endorsing body
+1 week
An endorsement letter is granted
+1 day
Documents for UK Start-up visas are submitted
+1 week
Biometrics is taken
15 September
Brandon and Daniel get their UK Start-up visas

The Conclusion

Thanks to Imperial & Legal’s coordinated work preparing the business plan and documents, Brandon and Daniel received their endorsement letter and got their UK Start-up visas in no time. Moreover, the endorsing body liked the idea so much that they decided to invest in it.

A year later, we met one of the partners again. For personal reasons, Brandon and Daniel ended their business partnership, so they could not apply for UK Innovator visas. Brandon returned home while Daniel found a job as a developer in a British company and decided to switch to a UK Skilled Worker visa.

Changes bring about growth and development opportunities. Though Brandon and Daniel failed in their business together, they still received unique business experience. 

It only shows the importance of not being afraid. You can change your life, and Imperial & Legal will be here to help you achieve it.

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