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UK Innovator Visa for a Tunisian Entrepreneur and His Family

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I wanted a good education for my children that will create great career opportunities for them when the time comes. It was my priority and the main reason why we decided to immigrate to the UK. Besides, I want to develop my business in a favourable business environment. I contacted Imperial & Legal as I was not sure how to get a UK visa and where to start.

Imen Saleh, 49 years old
Entrepreneur from Tunisia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Imen Saleh from Tunisia gets in touch with Imperial & Legal for professional legal assistance. He wants to relocate to the United Kingdom to set up a business here and give his children an opportunity to benefit from high-quality British education. Before coming to us, he does his own research and plans to apply for a UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. However, while preparing the documents, he finds out that the immigration route was cancelled back in 2019, so he needs to look for another visa category to relocate and launch a business. 

Our Client

Imen Saleh is from Tunisia. He is 49 years old and married with three kids. Wishing to give them high-quality education, Mr. Saleh makes up his mind to relocate to the UK. He is an IT specialist and has also worked as a teacher. Though he knows what he wants, he has no idea what UK visa to choose and how to obtain it.

The Challenge

To prepare the documents for Mr. Saleh to get a UK Innovator visa.

The Solution

Mr. Saleh wants to relocate to the UK and set up a business here. After reviewing his case, Imperial & Legal’s advisors suggest applying for a UK Innovator visa. After three years of staying in the country, he and his family will be able to get an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), provided they met other requirements, and in two more years – UK citizenship.

Mr. Saleh is a perfect candidate for a UK Innovator visa. He has a degree and evidence of extensive work experience in the relevant field. Mr. Saleh has also passed a language test and kept enough money in his bank account to pay for the first three months of his stay in the UK with his family. 

The client agrees to apply for the recommended immigration route, and we proceed by developing a valid business idea. Imperial & Legal’s advisors sit down with Mr. Saleh to learn more about his work experience, education and finances required to apply for the visa. In the end, it is decided to set up an educational company based on information technologies.

Several discussions later, an innovative business idea takes shape: Mr. Saleh will focus on integrating virtual reality and other modern technologies into the education process. With this, the key requirement for a UK Innovator visa is fulfilled; the developed business plan is not only innovative but also realistic because it considers the client’s financial opportunities as well as his expertise in the field.

Imperial & Legal’s experts also conduct market research to give the business plan its final touch. That increases the chances to get an endorsement from the relevant body.

While completing an application for a UK Innovator visa, we underline that our client’s business plan meets all the requirements: it is innovative; no other company offers similar services; the entrepreneur himself has the skills and knowledge to successfully develop his business.

One month after the submission, the business plan is endorsed. Then Imperial & Legal’s advisors help Mr. Saleh obtain a UK Innovator visa. He does not even have to attend an interview. His wife and children get their visas too.

Mr. Saleh gets a UK Innovator visa in three months

14 March
Contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+4 weeks
A business plan is developed
+2 weeks
Documents are prepared and agreed on
+1 day
Application is sent to the endorsing body
+3 weeks
An endorsement letter is received
+1 day
Documents for a UK Innovator visa are submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are submitted
11 June
Mr. Saleh gets his UK Innovator visa


Mr. Saleh and his family are grateful to Imperial & Legal’s experts who helped them get UK Innovator visas. They have already relocated to the UK. Mr. Saleh’s elder son is enrolled in an engineering college. Schools have also been found for younger children. Mr. Saleh will start working with the British universities that have expressed interest in his idea for integrating virtual reality technologies into the education process.

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