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Obtaining UK Innovator Founder Visa and Registering UK Company for Owner of IT Company from India

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When I visited the UK for the first time to see my friends, I was fascinated by the country. That is why, when I decided to relocate abroad to expand my business, I chose the UK without thinking twice. However, it was not easy to choose the correct visa, to apply for it and to register a company. I was almost overwhelmed by it all. I am so happy to have got in touch with Imperial & Legal – their experts helped me resolve all the issues.

Harif, a 34-year-old
IT entrepreneur from India
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Our Client

Harif is a 34-year-old from Mysore. Since he was a child, computers have been his passion. He wrote his first code at school and since then has developed several mobile apps, very popular in India.

Harif has a lot of friends in the UK. He has visited the UK on a UK Standard Visitor visa several times. Then he made up his mind to relocate to the UK and register a company to set up an IT business in Europe. Harif was interested in a UK Innovator Founder visa which gives ample opportunities to enter the UK and global markets. Harif was not sure how to go about registering a British company, so he asked Imperial & Legal for help.

The Challenge

To obtain a UK Innovator Founder visa for Harif, register a UK company, open a bank account, and provide accounting services. To make sure the business is off the ground and runs smoothly once a UK Innovator Founder visa is obtained.

The Solution

The first step of the application process for a UK Innovator Founder visa is developing a business plan. It gets submitted to an approved British business accelerator or educational institution. They estimate whether the applicant´s business is innovative, viable and scalable, and, based on this assessment, endorse the applicant to the government confirming that the former meets the necessary criteria.

After a meeting with Harif, Imperial & Legal’s business experts started working on this. We prepared evidence proving that the client’s business is innovative, viable and scalable. We also pointed out that the business would be expanding, increasing turnover and providing jobs. The innovator had the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed.

The business plan developed by our specialists was approved, and in no time at all Harif obtained a UK Innovator Founder visa.

Once this was done, we proceeded to register a UK company. We practice a one-stop-shop approach. We offer three incorporation packages, Standard, Standard Plus and Imperial, that include registration and corporate services in the UK, as well as additional services a client might need.

Harif signed up for the Imperial package that is ideal for a UK Start-up visa, a UK Innovator Founder visa or a UK Sole Representative visa. The package includes the following services: business address for UK bank purposes, opening a bank account in the UK or Europe, VAT registration, help with obtaining business visitor visas for two people and on-demand business advice from Imperial & Legal.

Our experts registered Harif’s UK company and helped him open a bank account in the UK. Being a UK tax resident on a visa, the client got access to banking services from such large retail banks like Barclays or Lloyds.

Besides, Imperial & Legal’s experts helped Harif register his company with the HMRC for PAYE and VAT. Our accountants started working on the client’s accounting. We also prepared a pack of documents including an employment agreement and employee handbook for recruitment purposes.

It took Harif 14 weeks to obtain a UK Innovator Founder visa and register a UK company

12 March
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 weeks
A business plan is drafted
+1 week
Documents are prepared and approved
+1 day
An application for an endorsement letter is submitted
+2 weeks
An endorsement letter is received
+1 day
Application for a UK Innovator Founder visa is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+4 weeks
UK Innovator Founder visa is granted
+2 days
A UK company is registered
+3 weeks
A bank account is opened
23 June
Harif starts running a UK company with a UK bank account

The Conclusion

Imperial & Legal delivered what we had promised to the Indian entrepreneur. We helped him obtain a UK Innovator Founder visa, register a company and open a bank account in the UK.

Our real estate experts found an office and an apartment for Harif so conveniently close to each other that he has no commuting problems. We will also keep assisting the client with running his UK business under the terms of the Imperial incorporation package.

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