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Obtaining UK Global Talent Visa for Young IT Specialist

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When I was finishing my course in the UK, I already decided I wanted to stay here to work and run my own company. However, I did not know how to do this: my UK Student visa was expiring and I had to apply for another one. I was completely at a loss for which visa I needed to apply for. I was lucky to come across reviews about Imperial & Legal. Their experienced immigration advisors helped me choose and obtain a visa that best suited my needs.

Stephanie, a 28-year-old
IT specialist
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

After Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa route was closed, people who want to relocate to the UK have to rely on other immigration routes. A UK Global Talent visa is a very good solution for ambitious and promising specialists with outstanding achievements in the development of their businesses. This visa category allows visa holders and their families to enter the UK, stay in the country and later apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain and even citizenship. 

Although the UK Global Talent visa category was opened several years ago, it has not become very popular. The high requirements or tough assessment procedures of endorsing bodies could be the reason for that. However, a UK Global Talent visa is a good immigration category: it offers plenty of work and lifestyle opportunities – successful applicants can be employed, run a business or work as a freelancer. Such freedom is not available to holders of other UK work or business visas. 

Our Client

Stephanie is 28 years old; she is an IT specialist from Argentina. Two years ago she came to the UK to study. As she was about to finish her academic course, her UK Student visa was also going to expire, and she had failed to find an employer with a sponsorship licence. So she looking for other ways to stay in the country: as a young specialist and a business owner. Stephanie had heard about the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa but did not know that the visa route had been closed in 2019. 

Desperate to solve the problem on her own, the girl came to Imperial & Legal for advice. After a conversation with Stephanie, our experts decided that a UK Global Talent visa could be a good option for her. To get it, she would need to obtain an endorsement letter from an approved body – a basic requirement for the UK Global Talent visa.

The Challenge

To help Stephanie prepare the necessary evidence and obtain a UK Global Talent visa so that the young woman could live and work in the UK.

The Solution

Several years earlier, Stephanie had set up an IT company in Argentina, her homeland. The profit was not that big, but she was acknowledged as an expert in the digital market and obtained various letters of recommendation from several well-known British and overseas companies. 

However, this was not enough to meet the criteria of the endorsing body. That is why Imperial & Legal advisors worked out a strategy to help Stephanie achieve her goal: stay in the UK as an Exceptional Promise. Our experts assessed her qualification and skills and decided that the best option for her would be to apply for an endorsement letter to Tech Nation.

A personal statement for a UK Global Talent visa is a document of paramount importance: it is supposed not only to reflect the applicant’s professional achievements but also to show in what way their abilities and skills can be beneficial to the UK. There could be a large number of people with the same talent as our client, so we needed to show her unique selling point. 

Our team worked on Stephanie’s case for three months. Our experts drafted five versions of her personal statement to make sure it fully described her abilities as an IT specialist, requested two letters of recommendation from industry experts, and helped the client prepare her CV.

While preparing an application for an endorsement letter, our advisors recommended Stephanie a special course for young entrepreneurs which she was supposed to complete. They also found a few videoconferences for her to speak at. They prepared and submitted ten pieces of evidence to prove that Stephanie was a promising specialist in the field. Her British colleagues provided letters of recommendation and letters of gratitude for successful cooperation on several projects. All those documents and pieces of evidence supported the application to an approved body for an endorsement letter for Stephanie.

Tech Nation endorsed Stephanie’s application thanks to her professional skills less than a month after we applied. Our team applied for a UK Global Talent visa straight away.  

It took Stephanie five months to obtain a UK Global Talent visa

20 May
Getting in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 months
Visa application documents are prepared
+1 day
Application is sent to the endorsing body
+3 weeks
An endorsement letter is received
+1 day
A visa application is submitted
+1 day
The client has her biometrics taken
+4 weeks
UK Global Talent visa is granted
14 October
Stephanie obtains UK Global Talent visa

The Outcome

Imperial & Legal’s highly qualified advisors helped Stephanie get permission to legally stay and work in the UK. She is going to relocate her small business from Argentina to the UK and dedicate herself to digital platform development. 

Stephanie said she will come back when she needs help with obtaining an Indefinite Leave to Remain and UK citizenship.

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