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Young Owner of Innovation-Driven Company Gets UK Global Talent Visa Instead of Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa

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I thought it was time to look outside the domestic market, and after giving it a lot of thought I chose the UK to expand my business. I found information about different visas and picked a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. It is a good job that I decided not to apply on my own but seek professional advice. Imperial & Legal explained to me that the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa route was closed and helped me obtain another visa.

Konstantin, a 32-year-old
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Konstantin, a young Russian entrepreneur, asked Imperial & Legal to help him get a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. He did not know that this visa route had been closed. Our immigration advisors analysed the client’s circumstances and his skill set and suggested that he apply for a UK Global Talent visa instead.

Imperial & Legal explained to Konstantin that the first step to obtaining a UK Global Talent visa was to successfully apply for an endorsement from Tech Nation to confirm his achievements as a tech business founder. The UK Global Talent visa is divided into two subcategories: Exceptional Promise and Exceptional Talent. Konstantin fully met the requirements of the former, and that had to be proved to get an endorsement letter from the approved body. 

Exceptional Promise applicants are at the early stages of their careers, with not more than five years of experience in their field. Konstantin had established his business in Russia more than 10 years before the application for a UK Global Talent visa, but the first years were dedicated to the development of the product, so the profit was not high enough to be considered exceptional.

To have an Exceptional Promise application endorsed, one must provide a personal statement, a CV, two letters of recommendation and up to ten pieces of evidence to show that they qualify as an Exceptional Promise and meet the eligibility criteria. There is one more requirement: each piece of evidence has to fit on two sides of the A4 paper. So it is no easy task to collect and prepare evidence to support the UK Global Talent visa application. 

Our Client

Konstantin is a 32-year-old Muscovite. He had been interested in robotics since his childhood and had showcased his robots at various exhibitions. Once he graduated from one of the top universities, he dedicated himself to engineering. He founded an innovative healthcare business that grew by $2,000,000 in the last year. Besides, the entrepreneur established connections with various foreign companies.

Konstantin believed that in the UK he was more likely to succeed and get acknowledged by experts in the field, so he decided to relocate here. Since he knew nothing about immigration, he asked Imperial & Legal for help with obtaining a visa.

The Challenge

To help the entrepreneur obtain a UK Global Talent visa.

The Solution

Our experts had to work hard on Konstantin’s application for a UK Global Talent visa because it was necessary to prove that our client had considerable potential as an entrepreneur. As we have already mentioned, he complied with the eligibility requirements for the Exceptional Promise subcategory, so our advisors decided to apply for this visa route. 

Imperial & Legal prepared Konstantin’s personal statement and a detailed cover letter, where they emphasised that despite being a director of the company for more than 10 years, he was still in the early stages of his career. The letter also underlined that the company would contribute to the development of the healthcare innovations sector in the UK.

Our experts advised Konstantin on how to prepare the correct evidence to show that he qualified as an Exceptional Promise and met the eligibility criteria. He submitted proofs of speaking at conferences, and webinars, plus publications on the subject, and letters of recommendation both from Russian and foreign peers.

It took Konstantin three months to obtain a UK Global Talent visa

20 June
Getting in touch with Imperial & Legal
+6 weeks
Visa application documents are prepared
+1 day
Application is submitted
+3 weeks
Endorsement letter is received
+1 day
Application for a visa is submitted
+1 day
Client has biometric information take
+4 weeks
UK Global Talent visa is granted
23 September
Client obtains his UK Global Talent visa

The Outcome

Our client got an endorsement letter from Tech Nation which allowed him to apply for the Exceptional Promise subcategory of the UK Global Talent visa. Four weeks later, the visa was granted, and Konstantin, his wife and their son relocated to the UK. We are positive that in five years, the family will get an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. He has had a very positive experience with us and will get in touch with us when the time comes.

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