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Antigua and Barbuda passports are being recalled  

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Got you worried now? Nothing to be afraid of. First of all, it does not mean you lose your citizenship; secondly, not all passports granted under the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program are asked to be returned to the government of that country. Only those issued before 02 May 2017 where passport numbers did not start with ‘AB’.

Why do they do it?

The Government has made a decision to replace the machine-readable passports with e-passports to enhance security. E-passports have been in circulation since May 2017 and they should be the only ones used for travelling from July 2020.

How to replace my passport?

You must send your passport for replacement before 30 June 2020 as it will be invalid starting from 01 July 2020. At the same time, you must make an application for a new e-passport that would cost you US$300. It must be submitted to the CIU that will send it for processing to the Passport Office.

Documents to send with application

Apart from the current original Antigua & Barbuda passport, you must send certified copies of the Certificate of Registration, birth certificate, marriage and/or divorce certificates and two passport size photos.

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