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Sole Representative visa: A new start in London for a whole family

Despite her Egyptian background and conventional upbringing, Mariam grew up to be a most unconventional woman. She sets up her own business in Dubai with her brothers and husband, and within 8 years it becomes very successful. Their company finds its niche in the large dynamic city where the rate of construction is claimed to be the fastest in the world. Cleaning, catering and refurbishment services has long been in demand among large corporations and banks in the big business centres.

Our hero

Mariam, 29 years old, a successful Middle Eastern entrepreneur, co-owner of a corporation that offers refurbishment and cleaning services. She is also happily married and a mother of two little kids.

Mariam, being on the Board of Directors, is chosen an ambassador of the business mission to the UK. Her energy and involvement in all company’s affairs makes her a perfect candidate for running and building a new company in London where stereotypes are matters of the past. Mariam comes to Imperial & Legal to find support in setting up a business and sorting out immigration issues for her and her family, and she gets it.

Виза инвестора в Англию

Plans and goals

  1. Secure a long-term visa for Mariam, her husband and kids.
  2. Arrange for the family’s relocation to London.
  3. Set up and organise activities of a representative office in the very heart of the United Kingdom.

Step-by-step solution

Mariam is not a major shareholder in the parent company which makes a Representative of an Overseas Business visathe best solution for her that does not require huge investments. Sole Representatives, as they are also known, can bring their family with them and in a few years apply for UK permanent residence and British passport.

Where to start? The standard procedure is to make an application, get a visa, incorporate a company and relocate with her kids and husband to the UK.

There are other requirements that applicants for a Representative of an Overseas Business visa must comply with. Mariam is fully compliant with all of them, because she can support herself and her family in the UK, she has relevant education and skills to run a business and can speak English more fluently than required for a visa.

To increase Mariam’s chances to get a visa and get it faster, immigration experts at Imperial & Legal help her prepare a professional business plan that reflects every possible detail and sets out targets, goals and methods of the business.

Sole representative visa in no time

With the head office in Dubai, a large branch in Cairo and a wide network of companies in the Middle East, the holding structure is not at all simple in terms of preparing all the required paperwork. Moreover, the areas of activities are varied and cover absolutely different sectors of the market. Business trips every week all over the Middle East, regular meetings and negotiations in Dubai, all this keeps Mariam super busy and difficult to catch. To top it up, she has two little kids, so Imperial & Legal understand how precious her time is and try to be as efficient and as fast as possible.

However, irrespective of Mariam’s tight schedule, it takes only two months to gather and prepare all the documents and paperwork and solve all arising issues. The family has applied in Dubai where they all lived, and the whole process has been very easy and streamlined. Thanks to the priority visa service, Mariam, her husband and kids have their visas in 1.5 months.

Виза единственного представителя

Business support

In a highly competitive business environment of the United Kingdom, a new company could face difficulties and adversities. Most of them can be solved with an Imperial packaged solution offered by our company.

Even after getting all the initial support she needs from Imperial & Legal (company incorporation, opening a bank account, office search, HR needs), Marian keeps consulting with our experts on other personal and professional matters, including UK taxation.

Family relocation and settling in a new place

With visas out of the way, the next important thing is family. A four-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter are of pre-school age, so our advisers at Imperial & Legal search the market for the most prestigious nurseries in London that would prepare kids for a private school. Both Mariam and her husband could not stress more how important it is for them to have kids in the nursery full day.

The preference has been given to a private nursery in Chelsea where the family is planning to buy a flat. One of the most fashionable areas in London has met all the expectations of a young couple with kids. Weekends are pleasantly spent on the Thames and cosy green squares. Besides, this area is perfect for schools in the future.


Because Mariam is not a majority shareholder in the parent company, she does not have to invest millions of pounds to get a UK residence permit.

London-based company Imperial & Legal helped the successful businesswoman to get a Representative of an Overseas Business visa. They also assist her in setting up her UK business and relocating to the country with the family.

Mariam is very active in growing her business in Great Britain, building a client base and researching the market and competition. She is quite determined; she is also planning to look for an MBA programme that she could fit into her tight schedule.

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