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UK tourist visa for a client from Nigeria

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My girlfriend lives in the UK. She will have her baby there, as the British have good medicine. I really wanted to visit her at the birth to support her and see the baby. Thanks to the lawyers at Imperial & Legal, my wish came true.

Usman, 26 years old
Nigerian national
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Usman and Aisha are a young couple from Nigeria. They are both similar in that they are ambitious, full of plans and want to achieve maximum results in life.

They met at Covenant University in their home country, which is one of the world’s top 500 universities and considered one of the best on the African continent. Aisha studied management and business processes there, while Usman studied engineering.

When Aisha was offered the opportunity to participate in an overseas education programme, she was initially overjoyed, as it meant that her efforts in her studies were being rewarded and her prospects were becoming more and more enticing.

But then the girl realised that it meant breaking up with the person she loved. But Usman convinced her that it was a chance not to be missed. They’d stay in touch online. And they would be able to fly to visit each other.

Aisha’s studies were successful, and she not only gained knowledge but also managed to get an internship in a British company. Her initiative, quick wit and ability to get along easily with people served her well. Upon graduation she was offered a good job in Great Britain. After a bit of thinking, the girl accepted, because it was exactly what she was aiming for.

What about Usman? He has been studying and pursuing a career in his home country all this time. Aisha persuaded him to come to the UK. All the more so because she had managed to obtain British citizenship and this made the legal process of reunification easier. But Usman agreed in words, but he was afraid of becoming unclaimed, of failing to cope with the competition and of going from being the good young professional he was in Nigeria to becoming one of the many average migrants in England.

Living apart was very frustrating. Video calls and Aisha’s frequent trips to her home country helped.

Returning after one of these trips, the girl realised that she was pregnant. This put the young people in a difficult situation. After all, they had not even been signed and had not yet played a wedding. In the end, they agreed that Aisha would give birth to the child in Britain, as the medical care in this country is better than in Nigeria.

Of course, she wanted Usman to be present at such an important event for them and to be the first to see the baby. However, his entry to England was in question. He had tried to do so before but was twice refused a tourist visa. The couple approached Imperial&Legal with this difficult problem.

Our client

Usman is a 28-year-old Nigerian national.

The challenge

Open a tourist visa after two refusals.

The solution

First, our experts found out why Usman had been refused a visa. However, they themselves guessed this from the very beginning as soon as they heard the couple’s story.

The British authorities were afraid that the young man would not leave the country in time and become an illegal immigrant. Especially since his girlfriend was living in Britain on a permanent basis. Consequently, he was travelling to a familiar place, which further confused the officers and gave reason to doubt his stated intentions, according to which Usman only wanted to see his beloved.

When it came to attending the birth, it almost inevitably meant a third refusal on the same grounds. Usman’s close ties to Nigeria had to be demonstrated. And to show that he was determined to return home.

The first thing our staff did was to look into Usman’s work situation. It turned out that he was the chief specialist at a mining warehouse in a large company. The warehouse regularly received new deliveries that had to be accepted.

It is impossible to do such work remotely, because you need to constantly monitor the process and not make mistakes. If it were not for such an important event as the birth of a child, the young man would definitely not leave his workplace even for a day.

We have collected a full set of documents showing that Usman is an irreplaceable worker, and his responsibility and diligence will not let him let down such a huge number of people and disrupt the work process with his possible non-return.

In addition to a positive character reference and confirmation that Usman plays an important role in the work process, we also asked for his payslip. We later added a bank statement to demonstrate his financial well-being. Firstly, it showed that he was able to support himself and his family while in London. And secondly, it made it clear that he was well off and had no plans to move to Europe.

We also attached the ownership certificate of his flat in Abuja as well as his other properties to the package to show undoubted connection to his homeland and good financial standing.

Naturally, tickets for the return flight were also available. This once again confirmed our client’s intention to return home. The dates of his departure and arrival corresponded to the dates for which the company had given the young man a holiday, the documents for which were also attached to the application.

Thanks to a well-written application, Usman received a tourist visa and attended the most important event for any family.

The following year, the couple came to us again. The man finally realised that the woman he loved, and his child were more important to him. He and Aisha decided to register their relationship and live together in the UK. Our specialists helped them to apply for a fiancé visa and then a spouse visa. Now Usman didn’t have to worry about getting into trouble because of some mistake in filling in the documents.

Usman got his tourist visa in a month and a half

10 April
Applying to Imperial & Legal
+ 2 weeks
Preparation of necessary documents for visa application
+ 3 days
Application and submission of biometric
+ 4 weeks
Application review
28 May
Tourist visa received

You can learn about the process and timing of obtaining a fiancée visa and spouse visa by consulting our company’s specialists.

The conclusion

Visa officers are indeed wary of recipients of tourist visas. After all, there is always the danger that a person has obtained it just to get into the country. And once there, they will not go to admire the beauty of Buckingham Palace at all but will try to settle in a new place without having legal grounds for this.

Our lawyers have repeatedly come across stories when a person applies for a visa on their own and does not attach almost any documents, which results in a rejection. Our specialists do not allow this to happen and work thoroughly on each case.

There are many ways to demonstrate that the applicant does not intend to become an irregular migrant. Some people have young children or elderly parents in their home country who need care. Some people are kept in their home country by business and obligations to employees and partners.

In each case the circumstances are individual. Professional support ensures that everything possible is done to ensure that the visa officers have no doubts and that the visa is obtained on time.

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