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UK Student Visa Refusal: a Successful Administrative Review

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I remember myself as a very determined child. I always wanted to get a good education, find a decent job, and help my parents. When the time came, I decided to get a degree in the UK since it is highly valued worldwide. You can imagine my disappointment when I got a visa refusal. But I decided to fight for my future and got in touch with Imperial & Legal. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Wang Wong, a 23-year-old
Student from Vietnam
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Wang Wong is a student from South-East Asia who wants to fulfil his dream of getting a master’s degree in the UK. He carefully searched among British universities that offered a biology major, which he had been interested in since his childhood. Wang Wong applied for admission to the university of his choice and was accepted. He was given a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) required for obtaining a UK student visa.

After receiving the CAS, Wang Wong gathered all the documents required by the Home Office to apply for a UK student visa. On the same day when the young man applied for the visa, he was invited for a Skype interview. 

A month later, the Home Office called him to say that they had additional questions about his application. During that call, Wang Wong was caught by surprise as he was not expecting a second interview. Moreover, he was not at home and did not have the necessary documents and notes at hand. 

During the second phone call, Wang Wong was asked various questions most of which did not relate to the purpose of the application. Sometimes the connection was poor and the young man had to ask the caseworker to repeat the questions. Since many questions were not clear, he decided to record the conversation to listen to it again and make sure that he had answered all the questions correctly. 

A few days later Wang Wong was informed that his application for a UK student visa had been refused because of the answers he had given during the phone interview. The young man was upset and did not understand what he had answered wrong and how it could be solved. A friend advised him to consult professional immigration advisors specialising in UK visa refusals. So Wang Wong got in touch with our company.

The Client

Wang Wong is a 23-year-old from Vietnam. His parents, though not wealthy, gave him a good education. Wang Wong decided to continue his education in the UK to become a biologist. He found a British university which accepted him for studies. However, after a second interview, a UK student visa was refused. 

The Challenge

To find out why Wang Wong’s application was refused and to obtain a UK student visa.

The Solution

During the consultation, an Imperial & Legal advisor listened to the conversation with the caseworker and found out that the interviewer did not write down the answers correctly. The refusal letter for the UK student visa sent by the Home Office listed all the answers that they claimed Wang Wong had given. 

A UK student visa refusal cannot be appealed, so the only legal remedy is an administrative review. It was challenging to prove the genuine nature of the applicant’s intentions, but our qualified immigration advisors were confident they would succeed. 

An experienced advisor at Imperial & Legal examined Wang Wong’s case. The first step was to obtain a copy of our client’s Skype and phone interview records. 

When we prepared the grounds for an administrative review, we noticed numerous inconsistencies in the client’s answers and the information written down by the caseworker and included in the refusal. We prepared a statement on behalf of our client and a detailed cover letter listing all of these errors as grounds for an administrative review of the refusal. 

While the application for an administrative review was being reviewed, our advisors received an email from the Home Office with notes from the caseworker during a phone interview with our client. It was clear from the notes that the caseworker had used information selectively, without considering Wang Wong’s interests. 

For example, the young man was asked why he had chosen that university and whether he had other options. According to the record, Wang Wong mentioned five British universities that he had considered before applying. However, there was only one name of the university instead of the five mentioned in the interview.

After getting the caseworker’s notes, the Imperial & Legal advisor sent a supporting application to the previously submitted application for an administrative review. Within three weeks of applying, Wang Wong was informed that the review was successful and he was issued a UK student visa. He missed classes due to the initial refusal, but he was allowed to begin his studies two months later.  

Wang Wong obtained a UK student visa after the initial refusal in 28 days

05 October
Getting in touch with Imperial & Legal
+5 days
Preparing a package of documents
+1 day
Applying for an administrative review
+3 weeks
UK student visa is obtained
2 November
Wang Wong gets his UK student visa


If Wang Wong had not consulted our company after a UK student visa refusal, he would not have fulfilled his dream to study what he loved most, and his money and efforts would have been wasted. We are pleased we could help the young man study at one of the UK’s best universities.

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