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UK Student Visa for Young Mother from Algeria

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I have dreamed of becoming a doctor since I was a child. When I grew up, I understood that I needed a very good education to become a doctor because my career and my patients’ health would depend on it. I decided to get a UK degree which would offer me extensive career opportunities. However, I had no clue how to collect the evidence and apply. Besides, I was going to bring my daughter with me. Fortunately, I got in touch with Imperial & Legal.

Nadira, 25 years old
A student from Algeria
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

An Algerian woman contacted Imperial & Legal. She wanted to obtain a UK Student visa to study in the UK.

Nadira told us that she had had a dream of becoming a doctor since her childhood. She trained to be a nurse in Algeria, but then she decided to pursue a medical career in the UK. Her parents supported her in that decision and promised to pay for her education. The woman applied to a UK medical university and received an official letter of acceptance. There was another thing to consider: Nadira is a single mother, and she was determined to bring her little daughter with her.

Our immigration advisors promised they would do everything they could to make sure Nadira got a UK Student visa.

Our Client

Nadira is from Algeria. Her parents have modern views and are curious about the Western way of life. They are sure that there are more opportunities for self-development, and life is much more interesting and vibrant in the West. However, they never took the risk to relocate. Nevertheless, their daughter, who was brought up listening to bedtime stories about good old Europe, wanted and could pursue her dream.

It had not always been the case, however. When Nadira was quite young, she got married to her family’s friends’ son and became a mother. Besides, she got a nursing degree from a medical college and got a job with one of the largest hospitals in the country. It seemed like she had been born to spend her life in her home country. However, the marriage fell apart after several years: the two were too temperamental to stay together. As for the job, Nadira did not get on well with the management.

Once the divorce was finalised, Nadira decided to make a fresh start and leave Algeria so that nothing would remind her about her failed marriage. Obviously, she would not think of leaving her darling child behind: the little girl was to accompany her mother. It was not easy for Nadira’s parents, but in the end, they supported her decision.

Nadira planned to relocate to the UK. She initially thought of obtaining a UK Skilled Worker visa to work as a nurse or a care worker. But even though there is a list of healthcare shortage occupations and healthcare workers have certain privileges (a lower application fee, a faster decision), the main requirements for a UK Skilled Worker visa remain the same. In particular, an applicant needs a job offer from a UK employer.

Nadira did not know how she could look for a job in the UK while she was in Algeria. Very few people would be prepared to employ a specialist they had never met in person. Finally, she came up with a smart solution. She decided to get a UK medical degree. First, she thought that a UK Student visa was easier to obtain than a UK Skilled Worker visa. Second, this degree would help her a lot.

Nadira graduated with honours from her college, but she understood that UK education standards could differ from those in her home country. Besides, she needed time to get accustomed to professional vocabulary in English. Nevertheless, she was convinced that it would be much easier for her to find a job from within the UK with a UK degree. Once the decision crystallised in Nadira’s mind, she got in touch with Imperial & Legal.

The Challenge

To obtain a UK Student visa for Nadira and a UK Dependant visa for her daughter.

The Solution

First of all, Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors explained to Nadira certain conditions of this visa. For example, a UK student cannot work full-time. They can only get a part-time job, provided it does not affect their training.

The client was fine with these restrictions. She would find a part-time placement or internship, learn as much as she could about local hospitals and visit them in person. And after graduation, she would find a suitable job and switch to a UK Skilled Worker visa.

As we have mentioned before, Nadira was going to bring her little daughter with her. She did not expect this to cause any problems. However, our immigration advisors pointed out to her that Home Office caseworkers were highly likely to wonder why the girl could not stay with her father in Algeria. Even though they had divorced, he kept his parental responsibility.

Nadira called her ex-husband to discuss the situation. The two were on good terms and had no bad feelings towards each other. The father thought things over and admitted that their daughter would have better opportunities in the UK: she would have access to European education and higher quality of life.

He signed a consent prepared by Imperial & Legal’s advisors confirming that the mother had full responsibility for the child. Our specialists also collected some additional evidence. All these documents proved that it was the mother who took care of the daughter and was fully responsible for her wellbeing.

In the end, we obtained a UK Student visa for Nadira and a UK dependant visa for Khadija, her daughter. When Nadira switches to another visa route, her dependent daughter will follow her mother. If Nadira decides to apply for UK ILR, the child will be able to obtain it without the consent of the other parent, although this is usually required.

It takes Nadira two months to obtain a UK Student visa

14 July
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 weeks
Documents for a visa are collected
+1 day
A visa application is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+3 weeks
The visa application is processed
3 September
Nadira obtains her UK Student visa

The Outcome

Nadira applied to a university well in advance to obtain a confirmation of acceptance in time, so she did not have any problems getting a UK Student visa.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors helped her collect the necessary evidence to obtain a UK dependant visa for her daughter linked to her mother’s visa.

We helped Nadira rent a small room and found a nursery for her daughter. This freed more of her time so she managed to find a part-time job with a UK hospital. This will give her good practical experience.

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