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UK Student Visa for Young Woman, Her Husband, and Daughter

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I understand that to make a career you need a good education. In my opinion, the UK is one of the best countries to get a degree. Most higher educational institutions here have high international ratings. I had always dreamt of studying in the UK, but I did not want to leave my husband and daughter behind for long. I am very glad that Imperial & Legal’s advisors helped us stay together.

Francesca, 24 years old
Student from Ecuador
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Education in the United Kingdom offers employment opportunities and great career prospects. Therefore Imperial & Legal is often contacted to assist in obtaining a UK Student visa. This time, we received a call from a young woman from Ecuador.

Our client had recently completed her education in her home country and decided to enrol in a UK university. She sent an application to one of the universities she liked and was accepted.

Once she got the news, she contacted us. She needed help in preparing the documents, applying for a UK Student visa, and adding her husband and child to the application as her dependants. Time was important as the first semester was about to start.

Our Client

Francesca is 24 years old. She is married with a daughter who is three years old. In Ecuador, the woman graduated from a hospitality business college and planned to work in that field. However, she needed a degree to be successful in her aspirations. 

Francesca decided to get try one of the British universities since they provided the best training for the hospitality sector. Graduates from UK universities worked as managers in premium hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies around the world. The woman chose Sheffield Hallam University since it offered further employment opportunities for foreign graduates. 

The only problem was that Francesca wanted to take her husband and child with her. She was very happy to find out that she could apply for a UK Student visa and add them to her application as dependants.

The Challenge

To draft an application for a UK Student visa for Francesca and add her husband and daughter as dependants.

The Solution

To get a UK Student visa, you must provide confirmation from a UK educational institution that you have been accepted. This document is called a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). It is an electronic document with all the information about the student, including personal data and information about the course and its duration.

Foreign students can add dependants to their visa applications only if they study full-time on a state-funded course that lasts for at least nine months. Children can relocate with the main applicant only if both parents relocate or if one of them lives in the country. Francesca planned to take her daughter and her husband with her, so she could add both of them to her application.

The woman had a CAS and met all the Home Office requirements, so Imperial & Legal’s advisors had no problem preparing the documents and applying for a UK Student visa for her. Everything was done very quickly.

Francesca gets a UK Student visa in one and a half months

15 June
A contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+2 weeks
Documents are prepared
+1 day
Documents for a UK Student visa are submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+1 month
An application is processed
7 August
Francesca gets her UK Student visa

The Conclusion

It took just over a month for Francesca’s application for a UK Student visa to be approved. The family got their UK visas and could then relocate to the UK, and Francesca could begin her studies.

The UK has one of the strictest immigration systems. Even a minor mistake can lead to a visa refusal. Immigration advisors are qualified to identify such weak points in your application. If you want to get a visa without any problems, it is recommended to ask professionals for help. They will know all the niceties of the process and assist you in collecting the required documents and filling in your application.

Imperial & Legal’s advisors can efficiently support you at any stage of the visa application process, including filling in an application, arranging for the translation of documents, paying the required fees on your behalf, and making an appointment for you in a visa centre.

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