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Obtaining UK Start-Up Visa for Single Mother from India

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Life is challenging for a single mother in India. I wanted a better future for my daughter. That was the main reason for my relocation. Although I was afraid to change our lives, I was sure we would have more opportunities in the UK. Besides, I was prepared to work hard and face challenges. The problem was that I did not know what visa I should choose and how I could get it. Fortunately, I found Imperial & Legal.

Kamala, a 30-year-old
An entrepreneur from India
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

The UK offers high living standards and most people relocate here for this reason. Our client from India was one of them.

Kamala dreamed her entire life about living in London. To her, it is a land of opportunities for herself and her daughter, but she was concerned about relocating to another country with a little child, of whom she took care alone. Nevertheless, she talked to Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors about available options. 

During the first consultation, Kamala told us about her small business. It meant she could apply for a UK Start-up visa. One of the most important things for Kamala was that she would be able to run a business in the UK without any minimum investment requirement.

Our Client

Kamala was a breadwinner and a single mother which is not easy in India. Her daughter’s future has always been her top priority. She had dreamed about relocating to London for a long time, so she decided to pursue this dream. She also hoped to give her daughter a better future in the UK.  

The Challenge

To draft a business plan for the relevant body to endorse, collect necessary documents, and apply for a UK Start-up visa.

The Solution

Back at home, Kamala ran a florist business specialising in flower and edible arrangements for various events. She wanted to keep doing it in London. Our experts analysed her business and decided to fine-tune a business idea to the needs of the UK market. Her store would offer a wide range of services: from separate interior design elements to complete turnkey solutions.

One of the most important tasks was to work out a strategy for the future business and to make a list of services Kamala’s business would offer. A business plan was drafted to include all of that as well as financial analysis and investment requirements.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors recommended Kamala set up a business specialising in event decorations using textile elements, balloons, artificial and fresh flowers, etc.

Certain amounts would go to buy textile items (curtains, tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, awnings, etc.) for indoor, outdoor, and other venues.

Our immigration advisors suggested Kamala should take up a short online course in event planning and decorating. She was very enthusiastic and worked hard to learn the trade of a venue decorator in the UK.

There was also a problem with Kamala’s daughter. The child was coming with her, so the father had to give his consent. However, Kamala was reluctant to even talk to him. Our immigration advisors resolved the issue by collecting evidence that the mother had been taking care of the child on her own. This allowed them to apply for a UK visa without the consent.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors told Kamala that although a UK Start-up meant she would need to devote most of her time to developing the business, she could also get a job to provide for the family. This was super important for the client: she was going to find a part-time job to earn a living until her business started generating regular income.

It takes Kamala two months to obtain a UK Start-up visa

13 June
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+2 weeks
A business plan is drafted
+1 week
Documents for an endorsement letter are collected
+1 day
An application for an endorsement letter is submitted
+1 week
An endorsement letter is granted
+1 day
An application for a visa is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+4 weeks
A UK Start-up visa is granted
18 August
Kamala obtains her UK Start-up visa

The Conclusion

The UK Start-up visa application process was smooth from beginning to end, including drafting a business plan and applying for an endorsement letter. The relevant body endorsed Kamala’s business idea to establish an event decorator business. 

As soon as we obtained the endorsement letter we applied for UK visas for Kamala and her daughter. Several weeks after obtaining a UK Start-up visa, the family relocated to the UK. Kamala was extremely grateful to our immigration advisors for helping her realise her dream of relocating to London. Once Kamala set up her business, she decided to use our business support services. Our experts were there to help her.

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