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UK Standard Visitor Visa for Business Purposes: Rules of the Game

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I jumped at a chance to go on a business trip to the UK because it was a wonderful opportunity to see a new country and get a unique experience of working with European colleagues. However, it was important to choose the correct UK visa and submit all the necessary documents. My company got in touch with Imperial & Legal’s qualified advisors, and everything was sorted out quickly.

Guan, a 38-year-old
Manager at an international energy company in Singapore
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Guan is an employee of an energy company in Singapore. He has been working in the company for almost 10 years and has grown to the project launch manager. It is a difficult and stressful job, but Guan is ready for challenges. He loves new challenges and completes impossible tasks. 

Moreover, the energy company offers a great opportunity to travel around the world. The Singapore branch is one of the divisions of the corporation. The head office is located in Abu Dhabi, and there are numerous offices around the world. During his work, Guan has been to South Korea, Egypt, the UAE, Russia and Poland. Now he is going to the UK on a business trip, where his company will launch a new project.  

He was not responsible for organising the trip and preparing all necessary documents. Guan’s employer got in touch with Imperial & Legal and asked for help in obtaining a UK Standard Visitor visa. 


Guan is a 38-year-old Singaporean. He is a middle manager of an international energy company. 


Get a UK Standard Visitor visa for a business trip. 


To start with, our experts found out how long Guan was planning to stay in the UK and the purpose of his trip. It turned out that launching a new project would take three to five months. Guan was going to control the technical side of things, primarily ensuring safety while installing new equipment and troubleshooting manufacturing processes. 

After analysing this information, Imperial & Legal’s specialists explained that a UK Standard Visitor visa would be suitable for business purposes. However, it was important to provide documents confirming the reason for the trip; otherwise, the application could be refused. 

While collecting documents, we found out that Guan’s company was not technically a branch of the parent company, but a subcontractor. It complicated the situation, but it was not impossible. An additional set of documents was all that was required. Our specialists requested letters from the employer and partners to prove Guan’s competence and the reasons for his business trip. Imperial & Legal’s advisors also drafted cover letters explaining the purpose of the trip competently and reasonably. Moreover, the package of documents contained a tenancy agreement for a flat rented by the company and business trip arrangements including daily expenses for Guan’s stay in the UK.

Imperial & Legal’s advisors analysed the case carefully and thoroughly and it was a success. Guan was granted a UK Standard Visitor visa for business purposes for 6 months without the need to reapply. He spent that time well, completing all tasks and ensuring the smooth operation of the new production unit. The company made additional profits and, subsequently, received new orders. 


Not everyone knows that a UK Standard Visitor visa can also be used for business purposes. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts that must be kept in mind. 

A holder of a UK Standard Visitor visa is not allowed to work in the UK, i.e. to work for a UK company; there is a UK Skilled Worker Visa for this purpose. They cannot run a business in the UK; it is better to obtain a UK Innovator visa or a UK Start-up visa for that purpose. However, there is a list of permitted activities, provided by the Home Office, that a person can do in the UK on a Standard Visitor visa:

  • negotiate and sign deals and contracts
  • oversee the delivery and ensure the safety of goods, especially if it is high-value items
  • install, dismantle, repair, and service equipment
  • carry out visits and inspections
  • deliver training or share knowledge with UK employees (it is not for commercial profit, i.e. listeners do not have to pay for these presentations)
  • get work-related training
  • attend conferences, seminars, and trade fairs etc., but without receiving profit. 

All these activities must be backed with the relevant documents. In order to obtain a UK Standard Visitor visa quickly and without further delays, it is preferable to have invitations and letters from both receiving and host parties. 

Imperial & Legal’s advisors will help you prepare necessary documents and fill your visa application for a suitable UK visa fast and easy. 

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