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Obtaining a UK Spouse and Civil Partner Visa for Fiancée from Kazakhstan

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When I met Andrew for the first time back in Almaty, my hometown, I felt pity for him. His curiosity was visible but he was struggling because almost no one could speak English. I felt like I needed to help him and showed him my favourite places in the city. Eventually, we felt the chemistry between us. When we made up our minds to spend the rest of our lives together, we asked Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors for help.

Diana, a 25-year-old
Fiancée from Kazakhstan
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

One day, a young couple came into Imperial & Legal’s office. They asked questions about applying for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa. 

First of all, we established that the young man was a UK citizen while his fiancée was from Kazakhstan. They had known each other for over three years. The young woman would often come to visit her boyfriend in the UK, but she wanted to move to Great Britain to start a family together. 

The couple decided to seek professional help to obtain a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa because they did not know what to do or how to apply for a visa. 

Our Clients

Andrew is 27 years old, he works at a pharmaceutical company in London. Diana is a 25-year-old from Almaty. The two first met on an ice-skating rink while Andrew was on holiday in Kazakhstan. They are both keen fans of winter sports and outdoor activities. Diana showed Andrew around Almaty. She told him a lot about the city and took him to her favourite places. The young man was fascinated both with the city and the young woman. In the very beginning, the young people just kept in touch, but then Andrew invited Diana to visit him. She came to London several times, and Andrew was now a tour guide. As the two were getting closer and closer, they understood that they had a lot in common. Finally, they decided to get married and start a family.

The Challenge

To help the young couple get married and apply for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa for Diana.

The Solution

A UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa is a UK immigration category for a spouse of a British citizen or a settled person.

You can only apply for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa if you are already married to a UK citizen or a settled person. 

A UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa gives offers a lot of opportunities: you can work and study in the UK. The visa is valid for 30 months if you apply in the UK and 33 months if you apply outside the UK, subject to extension.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors analysed the case and explained to the young couple that they had several options: 

  1. Give a notice of their intention to get married to the Home Office while they were both in the UK. If the Home Office agreed, they would get married here. The notice period is up to 70 days. If they got approval or no answer at all, they could marry. 
  2. Get married outside the UK and apply for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa from Kazakhstan.
  3. Apply for a UK Fiancée/Fiancé visa, which is the same as a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa in almost all aspects (except you do not have to be married). Diana would come to the UK on this visa to get married here and then apply for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa in the UK.

The couple picked the first option, so they applied to the Civil Register Office. An answer came within a month: the couple was allowed to get married in the UK. The wedding ceremony was modest, with only a few friends and Andrew’s mother present, but it was a happy occasion.  

At the same time, Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors were preparing Diana’s application for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa. As soon as the ceremony was over, she flew back home to apply for a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa. We collected evidence of their finances, their relationship, and proof that Andrew’s accommodation was spacious enough for both of them. Before the decision was given, Diana, who missed Andrew a lot, took a risk and came to see him for about six weeks. Then she flew back to Kazakhstan to get the approval of the Home Office.

It takes Diana three months to obtain a UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa

14 March
The clients get in touch with Imperial & Legal
+1 month
The clients get married in the UK
+1 week
Documents for a visa are collected
+1 day
An application for a visa is submitted in Almaty
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+2 months
A UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa is granted
29 June
Diana obtains her UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa.

The Outcome

It took our client two months to get approval from the Home Office, go to Kazakhstan to collect her visa, and come back to the UK on her UK Spouse and Civil Partner visa. We most sincerely wish Andrew and Diana lots of love, happiness, and harmony.

We are always happy to keep in touch with our clients. Some of them come back to visit us in several years. And so, we were really glad to see the couple again – with their baby daughter Nicole, named after Andrew’s mother. 

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