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UK Skilled Worker Visa for a Young Specialist And His Fiancée

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I was pleasantly surprised to get an internship in the UK after graduation. We had been together with my girlfriend Emily for many years, so I did not want to move abroad without her. However, we were not married and I was not sure about how to add her to my application. I found Imperial & Legal online and contacted them.

Mambutasu, 28 years old
A pharmaceutical chemist from Myanmar
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

People come to Imperial & Legal from all over the world. They are all different but all of them want to relocate to the UK. Some want to get quality European education, some to have a career, while others think about the future of their children and what they can do to provide for it.

The young couple from Myanmar wanted to move to the UK because they were dreaming about giving their future children a good education and career opportunities and hoping to get British citizenship for all of them.

They got in touch with our immigration advisors. The couple asked about how and where best to get married and which visa to choose. After talking to them and finding out what they wanted, we started to prepare their application and collect the required documents.

Our Clients

Mambutasu is a 28-year-old medical school graduate from Myanmar. He is a pharmaceutical chemist and biologist. Mambutasu got an internship with subsequent employment in the UK. For the past three years, he had been living with his girlfriend Emily. The young man wanted to add her to the application.

The Challenge

To collect the required document for obtaining a UK Skilled Worker visa and apply for a UK dependant visa.

The Solution

Since Mambutasu had a job offer from a UK employer, he needed to apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa which offered great career opportunities.

A UK Skilled Worker visa has many benefits. It allows you to move to a developed country with high living standards and get a well-paid job and unique experience.

A UK Skilled Worker visa does not cost a lot. If your job is on the shortage occupation list, you can get an additional discount. Moreover, it is possible to add a spouse or partner and children to a visa application.

After 5 years of stay in the UK on a Skilled Worker visa, you can apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and then get UK citizenship. The young couple was thrilled to learn this; it meant their dream of living in the UK would come true.

An applicant for a UK Skilled Worker visa must have a job from the shortage occupation list including healthcare jobs. Mambutasu met this requirement so he could easily obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa.

Imperial & Legal’s specialists also checked a certificate of sponsorship (COS) required for a UK Skilled Worker visa to make sure it met all the requirements for this visa category. A certificate of sponsorship is an electronic record with a unique number in the sponsorship management system. It allows foreign workers to obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa.

A COS issued by a UK employer confirms to the immigration authorities that the company is responsible for foreign employees. It provides employment, a regular income and notifies the immigration authorities about the immigration status of a worker.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors collected all the required documents and evidence proving that Mambutasu and Emily had been living together for more than two years, renting a flat in Myanmar, sharing a household and visiting each other’s relatives. The couple provided enough evidence of living together such as joint bank statements, utility bills, insurance, and government letters sent to the same address, as well as the rental agreement, etc. In addition, many relatives and friends witnessed that the couple had been living together for a long time. 

It helped our advisors add the young woman to the application as an unmarried partner.

It takes Mambutasu and Emily a month and a half to get UK Skilled Worker visas

13 February
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+1 day
A certificate of sponsorship is confirmed
+3 weeks
Documents are collected for a UK Skilled Worker visa
+1 day
An application for a visa is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are submitted
+3 weeks
A UK Skilled Worker visa application is processed
06 April
Mambutasu and Emily obtain visas to the UK


Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors collected and submitted all the required documents. Therefore, there were no problems with obtaining the visas. Mambutasu got a UK Skilled Worker visa and Emily got a dependant visa.

Our team found a small house for the young couple near London, not far from the pharmaceutical factory where the Mambutasu would work. In addition, Imperial & Legal opened a bank account for Mambutasu and ordered a card for Emily. We also helped them organise a beautiful English-style wedding ceremony.

After the wedding, Mambutasu and Emily carried on living in the UK on the same visas. In the future, the couple plans to use all the benefits that the Mambutasu’s visa offers.

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