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UK Relocation and Business Development for Italian Entrepreneur

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When we chose the UK for the development of our business, we understood that we would need to understand how the UK legal system, taxes and everything else works. Our friends recommended we contact experienced Imperial & Legal’s advisors, which we did, and that was the best decision we made. Imperial & Legal’s specialists provided us with all the required support.

Matteo, 31 years old
Entrepreneur from Italy
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

An Italian entrepreneur contacted Imperial & Legal to get help with choosing and obtaining a visa for relocation to the United Kingdom. During the consultation, our experts learnt that the client managed a network of summer camps in Italy and wanted to start something similar in the UK so that teenagers from all over the world could come and enjoy their summer holidays here.

Our immigration advisors recommended applying for a UK Expansion Worker visa that is designed for representatives of overseas businesses.

Our Client

Matteo is going to expand his family business in the UK. His father owns a network of summer camps in Italy where Matteo works as a manager. He is to set up and develop a new UK subsidiary.

The Challenge

To get one of the Global Business Mobility visas – UK Expansion Worker visa.

The Solution

The team from Imperial & Legal, an incorporation agent with headquarters in London, started by registering a UK subsidiary of the Italian parent company. Imperial & Legal is. Our experienced specialists are always ready to help with choosing the right type of company, understanding the requirements, and preparing all the required documents for setting up a UK subsidiary as quickly as possible.

Some businesspeople think that the UK is an offshore. It is not true. However, UK corporate and taxation laws allow companies to reduce their tax burden on revenue received outside of the country of incorporation.

After registration, our experts assisted Matteo with obtaining a sponsorship licence for the UK Expansion Worker visa category so that he could apply for the required visa with a valid certificate of sponsorship. The visa would allow him to stay in the UK for a maximum of five years in six consecutive years.

When the UK subsidiary was set up, Matteo became its CEO and a responsible person for the sponsorship management system. At that time, he was still in Italy. His company got a temporary B-rating sponsorship licence and could issue only one certificate of sponsorship for Matteo himself. With it in hand, he applied for a UK Expansion Worker visa and relocated to the UK.

After Matteo’s relocation, the sponsorship licence was upgraded to a full A-rating licence. The parent company decided to send one more worker to the UK on the same visa category (an A-rating sponsorship licence allows to sponsor up to five foreign workers).

A UK Expansion Worker visa was issued for 12 months. During that time, Matteo would need to develop his subsidiary. In 12 months, the results of his work would be assessed, and he would have to apply either for an extension of his current visa or a sponsor licence for a UK Skilled Worker visa and relocate the required personnel on that immigration route.

Matteo gets his UK Expansion Worker visa in less than four months

12 November
A contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+1 week
A UK subsidiary is registered
+2 weeks
An application for a sponsorship licence is submitted
+8 weeks
A sponsorship licence is obtained
+3 days
A certificate of sponsorship is issued
+1 day
An application for a UK Expansion Worker visa is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+3 weeks
Application is processed
2 March
Matteo gets his UK Expansion Worker visa

The Conclusion

Our client got his UK Expansion Worker visa in the shortest period possible.

Our real estate agents helped the family to find a flat in central London and rent an office for a new subsidiary. Besides, they contracted someone to search for suitable summer camping facilities.

Our client appreciated our professionalism and efficiency. That’s why, he decided to continue working with Imperial & Legal and use our accounting services and tax support.

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