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UK Graduate Visa for Student from India

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My parents wanted to give me a good education. They worked a lot so that I could study at a British university. I could not let them down. After graduation, I decided to find a job in the UK to be able to help my relatives financially. To stay in the country legally till I get employed, I had to prepare a lot of documents. I was lucky to have contacted Imperial & Legal for help since they did everything efficiently and correctly.

Merali, 26 years old
Student from India
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Imperial & Legal often helps graduates from British universities who want to continue living in the United Kingdom. They look for a way to prolong their legal stay in the country so that they can find a job here and switch to a long-term UK visa.

Our immigration advisors usually recommend recent graduates apply for a UK Graduate visa. If you complete a full university course, you can stay in the UK for two more years, which is more than enough to kick off your career.

Our client Merali also decided to follow this path.

Our Client

Merali is 26 years old. He is from India and came to the UK to get a degree in tourism. He believed that hospitality skills would be in demand in any country.

After graduation, he decided to remain in the UK and find a job in a travel agency where he would be able to speak his native Hindi and share his in-depth knowledge of Indian culture. However, he could not find one immediately after he completed his university course. Therefore he chose to apply for a UK Graduate visa to win some time before he could switch to a long-term visa.


To check that Merali’s university course meets the requirements for a UK Graduate visa. To collect and submit the required documents.


A UK Graduate visa was introduced in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since it was a new visa category, Merali did not know about it. Imperial & Legal’s advisors explained to him that a UK Graduate visa could be granted to recent graduates of British universities who wanted to start or continue developing their careers in the UK.

You can stay and work in the UK for two years on a UK Graduate visa. If you have a PhD or doctoral degree, you will be able to prolong your stay in the UK for three years.

Merali was happy that with a UK Graduate visa, he could not only search for a job but also do any paid or volunteer work as well as work as self-employed. Such flexibility would allow him to continue working as a tourist guide for Indian visitors in London which he started during his studies. At the same time, he would be trying to get a more ambitious job in a travel agency.

A UK Graduate visa, just like a UK Student visa, does not lead to an Indefinite Leave to Remain but allows you to legally stay in the UK, work, set up a business, and in general determine your career path.

Any recent graduate can get a UK Graduate visa if they meet certain requirements. For example, they can apply for the visa only inside the UK switching from a UK Student visa.

Merali met all the requirements as a foreign student and recent graduate of a UK university. Imperial & Legal’s advisors checked that Merali’s university course was long enough for him to be treated as a UK graduate. The university issued a document confirming that Merali completed his education.

Apart from the confirmation of studies, he had to submit the following documents: a valid passport or another form of ID and a biometric residence card that any foreign student gets upon entering the country on a UK Student visa. Merali also had to provide the reference number of his Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) that is given to all foreign students after enrolment.

Merali gets a UK Graduate visa in one and a half months

18 June
A contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+2 weeks
Documents are prepared
+1 day
An application is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+3 weeks
Application is processed
1 August
Merali gets his UK Graduate visa


Imperial & Legal’s advisors checked and prepared all the documents for a UK Graduate visa. Our client got his visa and could stay in the UK for two more years while searching for a job in a travel agency.

Merali appreciated our efficiency and contacted us again when his friend needed help in applying for a UK Skilled Worker visa. We were happy to see both our old and new clients.

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