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UK Global Talent Visa for a Fashion Designer from Kazakhstan

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I have been fascinated by the world of fashion since childhood, and after I got a degree in the field, I understood that I wanted to share my talent with the world, not only Kazakhstan. I decided to relocate to the UK with its amazing mixture of cultures and styles. I was told about a special visa for talented people that allowed them to live and work in the country, but I had no idea how to apply for it. Fortunately, my friends advised me to contact Imperial & Legal.

Ramina, 29 years old
A fashion designer from Kazakhstan
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

A UK Global Talent visa is a settlement route for gifted and promising specialists who want to relocate to the United Kingdom to work here, hone their professional skills, and later become UK citizens.

One of our clients from Kazakhstan was one such person. As a fashion designer, she wanted to live in one of the world’s fashion capitals and chose the UK. She contacted Imperial & Legal and our immigration advisors prepared all the required documents for her application.

Our Client

Ramina is 29 years old. She is from Astana and works as a fashion designer. As a little girl, she made dresses for her dolls and dreamt that one day she would have real models wear them. She has achieved her goal. 

Ramina graduated from a design college in Kazakhstan and found a job in a small but successful fashion house. She then undertook advanced training in Korea as an intern. She was lucky to work with a famous brand and expand her professional network across the world. 

When her internship was over, Ramina returned to Kazakhstan, started working with another famous brand, and soon became a leading fashion designer. She developed a women’s collection and presented it at fashion shows in Thailand, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. That success inspired Ramina to apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

The Challenge

To collect evidence proving Ramina’s talent and creativity in the fashion field, get an endorsement from the British Fashion Council and then apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

The Solution

Immigration rules say that an applicant for a UK Global Talent visa can provide up to ten pieces of evidence of their talent and skills. They can include various professional certificates, awards, mass media coverage (especially foreign outlets), letters of recommendation from clients (especially British ones), public appearances, and personal portfolio.

With the record of the most famous catwalks in Asia, Ramina could easily provide the required evidence. Our experts collected printed reviews and footage from the fashion shows in which Ramina took part. She won in several categories and received awards that further proved her talent.

While preparing an application to the endorsing body, the main challenge was to get letters of recommendation from industry experts in Europe. These are usually busy people who do not have time to write recommendations. Therefore, Imperial & Legal’s advisors prepared drafts of such letters that were then agreed with and signed by the intended people. Each recommendation described how the expert and Ramina knew each other as well as her recognised professional skills and potential.

Each expert also provided their CV with their letter of recommendation to prove that they have extensive experience in the field and their recommendations are credible. Letters were printed on official letterheads with logos of corresponding companies and wet-signed. This is mandatory when applying for a UK Global Talent visa.

Imperial & Legal’s advisors also helped Ramina draft a personal statement where she explained why she chose the UK for relocation and what creative ambitions she planned to realise here. Ramina focused on the aspects of life in the UK that seemed appealing to her, namely the multinational environment where her designs, a combination of Western and Eastern trends, are likely to be in demand.

Ramina gets a UK Global Talent visa in three months

14 April
Contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+1 month
Documents for the endorsing body are prepared and agreed upon
+1 day
Application is sent to the endorsing body
+3 weeks
An endorsement letter is received
+1 day
Documents for a UK Global Talent visa are submitted together with an endorsement letter
+1 week
Biometrics are submitted
16 July
Ramina gets her UK Global Talent visa

The Conclusion

Ramina, a fashion designer from Kazakhstan, gets an endorsement letter from the British Fashion Council. Based on that, our experts prepare an application for a UK Global Talent visa.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors have extensive experience in consulting and assisting people who want to relocate to the UK. We are here to give you professional advice on any immigration issue you may have on your way to your dream.

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