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Relocation to the UK: IT Specialist with Family

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As soon as our daughter told my wife and I that she wanted to obtain a UK degree, we decided that our family would have to stick together. This meant relocation to the UK for all of us. I am good at what I do, so finding a job was not a problem. The most challenging thing was not to make mistakes when applying for a visa. Fortunately, I found got in touch with Imperial & Legal.

Kirill, 44 years old
Programmer from Russia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

A client got in touch with Imperial & Legal about his family’s relocation to the UK. He explained that they wanted to move because his elder daughter had enrolled in a London university. The client turned out to be an experienced IT specialist whose skills were in high demand. His wife and their younger daughter were going to join too.

After a brief consultation, our immigration advisors recommended he apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa as he had a good chance to get it. A UK Skilled Worker visa route is designed for foreign skilled workers who have a job offer from a UK sponsor who failed to find a UK resident to fill this position. This visa category also applies to jobs on the Shortage Occupation List.

Our Client

Kirill is a 44-year-old from Russia. He is a highly qualified programmer with extensive experience in the IT field. He has been living in UAE with his family for two years; they all have UAE residence permits. It meant they could apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa from there.

The Challenge

To obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa for Kirill and UK dependant visas for his spouse and children.

The Solution

A UK Skilled Worker visa has a few important advantages. First, it allows a foreign worker to relocate to a prosperous country with high quality of life. Second, this visa means you will get a good salary.

Another huge advantage is the affordability of a UK residence permit. If your job is on the Shortage Occupations List, the application fee will be even less.

This visa allows you to bring your spouse or civil partner and children to the UK. After staying in the UK for five years on a Skilled Worker visa, you and your dependants can apply for ILR, aka settlement, and eventually get UK citizenship. This is exactly what Kirill and his family want.

The main requirement of a UK Skilled Worker visa is to find an employer who will offer a job and confirm it in a certificate of sponsorship. Certificates of sponsorship are issued through the Sponsorship management system access to which is granted to approved sponsors.

It was not a problem for Kirill to find an employer: several big companies were interested in his experience and skills. Once he chose a company, it was time for our specialists to act. Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors collected the necessary documents, made sure the employer had a sponsorship licence and applied for a UK Skilled Worker visa. Before long, a visa was granted. 

At the moment of enrolling in the university, Kirill’s elder daughter was 17 years old and was due to turn 18 in four months, so we applied for a UK dependant visa for her because she was still her father’s dependant. The girl was already living and studying in London, so she just switched from her UK Student visa to a dependant visa in the UK. This switch was important because the family wanted to get ILR altogether. The UK Student visa does not lead to settlement. 

Kirill’s wife and the younger daughter also obtained their UK visas as dependants. So, if the family is happy with their life and work in the UK, they can apply for ILR in five years and stay in Britain without any restrictions.

It takes Kirill and his family six weeks to obtain UK Skilled Worker visas

15 August
The clients get in touch with Imperial & Legal
+1 day
A certificate of sponsorship is obtained
+2 weeks
Documents for a UK Skilled Worker visa are prepared
+1 day
Application for a UK Skilled Worker visa is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+3 weeks
UK Skilled Worker visas are granted
29 September
Kirill and his family obtain their UK Skilled Worker visas

The Conclusion

We helped our client obtain a certificate of sponsorship and use it to get a UK Skilled Worker visa after he had found a British licensed sponsor. We also obtained dependant visas for his wife and two daughters.

Apart from visa support, our immigration advisors found accommodation for the family. Located in the centre of London, it is an easy commute to both the elder daughter’s university and Kirill’s office. We also found a school nearby for the younger daughter. Besides, Kirill asked us to open a bank account in his name and help his family members obtain bank cards so that they could buy what they needed.  

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors have a lot of experience in solving immigration challenges for people coming to the UK. We offer qualified support at all stages of the immigration process and make the application for a UK Skilled Worker visa a walk in the park for you.

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