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Registering Company in UK: Entrepreneur from Asia Planning to Expand Business

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Expanding your business and broadening your horizons is not easy. That is why you need reliable partners to support you. When I decided to register a company in Europe, I spent ages digging for information and, guided by comments, chose Imperial & Legal. Their qualified specialists gave me detailed advice on my case during the first visit and eventually helped me register a UK company. They also helped me solve numerous other related issues.

Hafiz, a 44-year-old
Businessperson from Indonesia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

A land of opportunities, the UK has always been attractive to active and resourceful people from all over the world. It is prestigious to register a company in the UK: it is likely to inspire trust in your partners and look reliable to your suppliers.

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose the correct form of incorporation. By choosing right you will be able to minimise your expenditure, quickly gain profits and get integrated into the British business circles. It might be hard unless you get the support of highly experienced legal experts with in-depth knowledge of UK laws. That is why it is a good idea to get in touch with competent consultants.

An incorporation agent headquartered in London, Imperial & Legal works with businesspeople from all over the world.

We have been recently approached by a businessperson from Indonesia, who wanted to find a sustainable and favourable jurisdiction to expand his business. He chose the UK to register a European company.

Our Client

Hafiz comes from the city of Bekasi. His company specialises in developing mobile apps. Besides, he and his partner own several IT companies in large cities in several Asian countries. Their business in Asia is flourishing, so they decided to enter the European market. Considering the UK to be the best foothold in Europe, they made up their mind to register a company here.

The Task

To register a company and open a corporate bank account in the UK using our Imperial incorporation package.

The Solution

Imperial & Legal’s advisors recommended that the client open a limited company with him and his partner becoming shareholders and directors.

A limited company is a legal entity that is almost completely independent of its owners. You can sign contracts and agreements on behalf of the company, but it is the legal entity, not individuals, that is responsible for the business activities, obligations and financial security. The liability of the owners is limited to what they have guaranteed to the company or the value of their shares.

This is the most common form of incorporation in the UK. Another remarkable thing about it is that the same person can be the shareholder and director of the company. There is no restriction regarding the nationality and residence of this individual.

Moreover, Imperial & Legal’s advisors helped Hafiz open a payment system account in the UK. There are two things to consider. First, big UK banks do not open corporate accounts to businesses if the majority of their shareholders are not British residents. Second, payment systems charge more, but they will carry out the necessary checks required by the financial regulator and open an account for a company even if there are non-UK residents among its shareholders or directors.

Imperial & Legal’s qualified advisors have been providing legal assistance to UK businesses for years. Given a high number of incorporation requests, we have developed three unrivalled products to provide comprehensive solutions for establishing UK businesses: Standard, Standard Plus and Imperial incorporation packages.

Once you have chosen an incorporation package, you will get all kinds of assistance, from the basic minimum with a UK company registration and basic management services to the assistance with obtaining a UK Standard Visitor visa for employees and opening a bank account in a UK bank.

The businessperson for Indonesia went for the Imperial package. It includes Imperial & Legal providing a registered address for the company for UK financial and tax purposes.

It took Hafiz one month to register a UK company and open a bank account

25 October
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+2 days
The company is registered in the UK
+2 weeks
Documents are prepared and approved
+3 days
An application for a payment system account is submitted
+2 weeks
The application is processed
28 November
Hafiz opens a UK payment system account

The Outcome

Once the UK company was registered and an account opened, Imperial & Legal’s specialists helped Hafiz draft standard agreements with clients and contractors. They will monitor business growth for a year, and if it grows, we will help them rent an office. Then, the company will be able to hire UK citizens, and directors/shareholders will be able to relocate to the UK on a UK Skilled Worker visa.

Imperial & Legal’s experts believe that Hafiz’s business will grow fast enough to realise these plans, and we will be here to provide guidance and support.

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