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Reapplying for UK Global Talent Visa after Refusal by Endorsing Body

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When I graduated from a British university, I already knew I wanted to stay in the UK to build my career here. I prepared documents and applied for a UK Global Talent visa on my own, but got a refusal. I asked Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors for assistance. They explained to me that I had not paid enough attention to certain niceties in my application. I am deeply grateful to the qualified specialists for helping me realise my dream.

Enrique Martinez, a 30-year-old
Digital technology specialist
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Enrique Martínez is from Mexico. He got his master’s degree from the University of Manchester. He wanted to stay in the UK because his main research interests were here. Enrique had a UK Student visa as a PhD student, but it was expiring, so he decided to apply for another type of visa.

All his achievements, projects and work in digital technology made Enrique a perfect candidate for a UK Global Talent visa. According to the Home Office requirements, all applications for a UK Global Talent visa in digital technology must be approved by an endorsing body Tech Nation. Enrique worked hard at preparing documents and an application, but Tech Nation did not consider him a suitable candidate for a UK Global Talent visa. 

The young man was very upset with the refusal but did not give up on obtaining a UK Global Talent visa and consulted Imperial & Legal’s advisors to solve his problem.

Our Client 

Enrique Martínez is from Mexico. He has a PhD in math from the University of Manchester. His previous education, a master’s degree in probability and statistics and a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and computer science allowed him to create and apply difficult statistical concepts to build predictive models in public safety. However, Enrique’s interests as a scientist are multiple and therefore many of his projects have found their application in the UK’s medical technology industry.

He received prestigious university awards, spoke at international conferences and took part in many innovative healthcare technology projects with grants from the UK government.

The Challenge

After the refusal by the endorsing body, it is necessary to submit a new application for a UK Global Talent visa, detailing the young scientist’s innovative ideas and his contribution to the UK economy. 

The Solution

After reviewing the application and refusal from the endorsing body, Imperial & Legal’s advisors concluded that the structure and content of Enrique’s application for an endorsement letter did not facilitate the Tech Nation specialist’s assessment of his achievements in medical technologies, commendations and awards. Enrique’s description of his innovative projects had been superficial and did not provide enough details. The response from the endorser, though negative, was quite useful.

Our experts advised Enrique Martínez against appealing Tech Nation’s decision, recommending to submit a new, better-drafted application, as the latter stood more chance of being successful. Moreover, he had little time; his current visa was expiring in two months. Therefore, we reapplied using a strategic approach.

Imperial & Legal’s advisors restructured the application and added more information to prove his skills and competence. The young man contacted his previous and new partners to enlist their support for an endorsing letter. His colleagues replied quickly with letters of recommendation that confirmed their close relationships. 

Our specialists drafted a well-structured cover letter that included Enrique’s professional achievements, speeches at conferences, publications, patents and awards. 

The most important aspect in preparing the application for a UK Global Talent visa was to prove the candidate’s achievements. Enrique spent a lot of time focusing on his projects, explaining their value, uniqueness and impact on the development of the UK’s healthcare technologies.   

When a new application was completed, Enrique noticed the difference between the current application and the previous one.

Enrique obtains a UK Global Talent visa in 3 months

14 June
Contacted Imperial & Legal
+3 weeks
Preparing of documents to apply
+1 day
Applying for an endorsement letter
+3 weeks
The letter has been received
+1 day
Applying for a UK Global Talent visa
+1 week
Submitting biometrics
+4 weeks
The application is being reviewed
2 September
Enrique obtains a UK Global Talent visa


Enrique called our advisors and said that the endorsing body, Tech Nation, had approved his application for a UK Global Talent visa three weeks after submitting a new application.

Enrique Martínez is happy he got in touch with Imperial & Legal, saying that “only highly qualified professionals should take care of important cases.”

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