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Obtaining UK Standard Visitor Visa after Refusal: Finding Love

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Shelly and I met on a dating website. She was from the UK. I had never been there. As soon as we started developing feelings for each other, I decided to apply for a UK visa to see her in person. I was devasted to get a visa refusal. I had no idea why, but decided not to give up. I came across positive reviews about Imperial & Legal's immigration advisers. The rest is history.

Alex, a 26-year-old
Cyber security specialist from Russia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Alex is 26 years old, and he is a successful cyber security specialist. His personal life, however, is not so successful. Alex had a few holiday romances but has not met his soulmate yet. Despite this, he does not give up. He has been actively using dating websites to increase his chances of finding the love of his life.

On one of these websites, he met a young woman from Birmingham, Shelly. She was funny, optimistic, easy-going, and, just like Alex, loved outdoor activities. They had a lot in common. Alex liked that though Shelly seemed careless, she had a very profound personality and inner wisdom. 

Soon, Alex realised that he had feelings for Shelly and wanted to meet her in person to find out whether they would be attracted to each other in real life as well. Alex applied for a UK Standard Visitor visa, but his application was unexpectedly refused. It came as a very unpleasant surprise. Alex was about to re-apply when his friend advised him to avoid risks at that time and contact Imperial & Legal for professional help since he had once used our services to obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa.

Our Hero

Alex, 26 years old, from Moscow.


To obtain a UK visa after the first application was refused and help the client come to the UK.


Before making an application for a UK Standard Visitor visa, our experts sat down to find out why the first application had been refused. It turned out that the purpose of the trip that Alex had specified in his application does not suit this type of visa. Alex was going to the UK for a few reasons. He wanted to meet Shelly, travel around the country for some sightseeing and improve his English.

Alex worried that he could only speak basic English and could not express himself as much as he wanted. That’s why he said that learning the language was his main purpose for going to the UK. He also provided a route for his and Shelly’s trip. The fact that there were too many plans confused a caseworker.

Imperial & Legal advisors explained to Alex that when a visa applicant’s purpose is to learn English, they go to the UK to attend language courses, stay in a summer camp or take part in some educational program. In any case, additional documents must be attached to the application, such as an agreement with an education provider, payment confirmation or other documents. A UK Standard Visitor visa is issued to those who want to travel, enjoy the natural and historic beauty of the country and do some sightseeing. Tourism must be given as the main purpose.

Our immigration advisors also pointed out that Alex’s application could be refused due to the lack of sufficient ties to the home country. Young people applying for a UK Standard Visitor visa are often viewed as high risk as they could stay in the UK illegally. Alex was one of them – his parents were young and could support themselves, and he had no family or children of his own. As for his job, he could work from anywhere in the world. He could easily remain in the UK after his visa expired. Besides, Alex did think about moving to the UK if he liked the country and Shelly became his partner. However, he did not want to break the rules. 

Imperial & Legal had to make up for all these weak points. During the consultation with Alex, our advisors learnt that he had already visited Poland, Turkey and Thailand without breaking any immigration rules. It was mentioned in the application to prove that Alex’s intentions were genuine. 

The tactic was right and secured Alex a UK Standard Visitor visa. He enjoyed his trip to the UK: he met Shelly in person and travelled across the country. Though he and Shelly remained just friends, the memories of the trip are still very vivid.


When applying for a UK Standard Visitor visa, you must give the purpose of your trip to the UK and what you plan to do in the country. Of course, your plans can change, and you are not obliged to strictly follow them. But they must still be in line with the given purpose.

Imperial & Legal immigration advisors can help you prepare all necessary documents and tell you what you can and cannot do on a UK Standard Visitor visa.

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