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Obtaining UK Standard Visitor Visa For Overstayers

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Since I can remember, I have loved rock music. Unfortunately, famous rock bands seldom come to my hometown. Therefore, I use every opportunity to go to rock concerts abroad. This time I was going to a festival in the UK, but I had an issue with my immigration record, and I was not sure my application would be approved. So, I took my time researching online and found Imperial & Legal.

Marina, a 34-year-old
Tourist from Belarus
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Marina is very passionate about rock music – she goes to all rock concerts in her home town. She even tried to play the guitar in a rock band that, unfortunately, broke up after several performances. Nevertheless, Marina still has a lot of friends among musicians and is a regular concertgoer.

Unfortunately, foreign rock bands rarely tour her country. Only Placebo and 30 Seconds to Mars came there once. Most of the tour programs do not include her country, so Marina has to travel herself. She does not mind it since it is an opportunity not only to listen to a live performance of her favourite band but also to meet new friends and have fun.

Marina’s favourite music events are festivals. She likes them because she can listen to many favourite rock bands at once and get to know new ones. Besides, she enjoys the dynamic and vibrant festival atmosphere.

When Marina learnt that the Glastonbury festival would host The Foo Fighters and Radiohead, she decided to go there. The festival is called British Woodstock and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. It is a significant cultural event in the UK.

However, Marina was worried that she might have problems with obtaining a UK Standard Visitor visa. She had had a record of overstaying her visa to Poland once due to an illness. Though it was a solid reason, she failed to prove it since she had not called a doctor. She was seriously ill, but she recovered without medical assistance. She just stayed at her friends’ and then returned home. She did pay a fine in Poland but nothing else. When she considered applying for a UK Standard Visitor visa, she was afraid that the incident with her Polish visa would affect the Home Office’s decision and so contacted Imperial & Legal for help. 

Our Heroine

Marina, 34 years old; record of administrative offence.


To obtain a UK Standard Visitor visa after overstaying a Schengen visa. 


Imperial & Legal immigration advisors confirmed Marina’s fears that overstayers could indeed have her UK visa refused. However, it didn’t mean that there was no chance for her. It was necessary to prove to the Home Office that Marina did not intend to stay in the UK illegally after the festival.

First of all, our experienced immigration advisors set about collecting sufficient evidence of what Marina was going to do in the UK. She had to submit a ticket to the festival and return flight to the UK. It would have been great to submit a hotel booking confirmation, but Marina planned to stay in a festival tent. She had booked a spot and included a confirmation with other evidence.

But was it enough to get a UK Standard Visitor visa? Maybe not. During a consultation with Marina, our advisors learnt that she started a well-paid job a year ago. Despite her lifestyle and interests, the young woman was a good insurance specialist. To evidence her employment, Marina obtained a payslip, an employer’s reference and a confirmation that she was given annual leave for those dates.

With the help of Imperial & Legal and with the collected documents in her hands, Marina managed to obtain a UK Standard Visitor visa, enjoy her favourite bands and experience unforgettable emotions.


Overstaying a visa could spoil your reputation. However, it is still advisable to reveal these violations when applying for a UK Standard Visitor visa. The Home Office can request and get this information anyways if needed. Withholding or falsifying information can have even more serious consequences, including a 10-year ban on entering the country.

If you had to overstay a visa, you must show that it will not happen again and that you will not stay in the country illegally. It can be done in different ways. For example, you can mention that you have elderly parents or minor children who need your care, or a business that also needs your constant presence. If you go to the UK on a business trip and get an invitation from a reputable British company that takes responsibility for you, this can also serve as sufficient proof of your intentions.

Imperial & Legal immigration advisors will help you deal with any complex situations and do their best to make sure you get the required UK visa. 

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