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Obtaining UK Innovator Visa to Expand Colombian Entrepreneur’s Business

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When I realised there was nowhere to expand my business back home, I began to look outside my country. I chose the UK, but I had no idea where to begin. I was lucky to come across some good reviews about Imperial & Legal. I got in touch with them; the rest is history. The experienced immigration advisors gave me valuable advice and helped me choose and obtain the best visa for my purpose.

Andres Gonzalez, a 36-year-old
Entrepreneur from Colombia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

The number of entrepreneurs with promising business ideas who want to reach new business heights in the UK has been increasing. And this is not surprising; ranking highest among the top 20 capitals for IT investment London is a big financial hub. 

A successful Colombian entrepreneur who wanted to expand his business and enter the UK market came to Imperial & Legal for advice. He planned to run his own business in the UK, so our experts began to prepare an application for a UK Innovator visa.

A UK Innovator visa targets experienced entrepreneurs. They must invest at least £50,000 in an innovative British business with growth potential and the perspective to enter the global market.

Our Client

Andres Gonzalez opened a cloud storage business which proved to be a total success in the South American market. The company applies various innovative approaches to cloud storage solutions and guarantees your most important documents will be safely stored, well organized, and securely transferred.

Several years later, the entrepreneur realised that he had hit the ceiling in his home country, and the time had come to set up a European business. A careful analysis showed that the best option would be the UK. Andres was planning to invest profit from his parent company in a subsidiary. 

The Challenge

To have the client’s business project endorsed by an approved British business accelerator so the client could obtain a UK Innovator visa.

The Solution

A UK Innovator visa gives foreign businesspeople a fantastic opportunity to access the booming UK market, increase the number of customers globally, generate higher profit, and contribute to the local economy by creating jobs. This visa is issued for three years, subject to extension. It can be extended as many times as need be and each time, for a new business. Moreover, if you meet all the eligibility requirements of a UK Innovator visa, you will be able to apply for a UK indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and in five years, for UK citizenship.

Andres Gonzalez’s application had to be endorsed by an approved body. Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors’ knowledge and experience in applying for this visa helped them prepare an economic evaluation of the client’s business model. The focus was on various tools that solve data-related issues, from basic hardware to the most complex cloud solutions.

The data storage industry is constantly developing and looking for more efficient data management solutions. It requires cutting-edge technologies to manage data migration, protect persistent data in containers, and ensure data accessibility from anywhere in the world and data security at the national level. These challenges were addressed by our client’s business. 

The business he was going to set up in the UK met all the criteria for a UK Innovator visa: it was innovative, viable, and scalable. That meant the company implemented completely new, unparalleled policies; it was growing, gaining momentum, and creating jobs; the investor had the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully expand his business.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors explained to Andres Gonzalez that a UK Innovator visa allowed him to only work on developing his business according to the business plan. He could rely solely on his funds to do this and could not apply for government support.

Our experts also informed the client that he had to stay in touch with the endorsing body. The latter’s representatives would inspect the business in six months, a year, and two years, to ensure everything went according to the business plan.

It took Andres Gonzalez three months to obtain a UK Innovator visa

20 July
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 weeks
A business plan is drafted
+1 week
Documents are collected and approved
+1 day
An endorsement letter is applied for
+3 weeks
The endorsement letter is obtained
+1 day
Application for a UK Innovator visa is submitted
+1 week
The biometric is enrolled
18 October
A UK Innovator visa is granted

The Conclusion

When Andres Gonzalez got his UK Innovator visa and moved to the UK, Imperial & Legal continued supporting him and his business by providing an all-inclusive business support package.

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