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Getting UK Student Visa after Refusal because of Criminal Offence

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Studying in the UK was like living a dream until I had to leave the country because of a minor offence. I wanted to get another student visa and come back to continue my studies, but I was told it was impossible for me. I am glad I did not give up and contacted Imperial & Legal. Their qualified specialists helped me achieve my goal and get a UK Student visa.

Jamal, a 22-year-old
Student from Tunisia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

A native of Tunisia, Jamal was studying in the UK on a student visa. He was put on probation for a minor offence during his stay in the UK. Jamal had to leave the country and reapply for a UK student visa to come back and complete his final year; otherwise, the first two years of tuition fees would have been wasted.

In his application for entry clearance, Jamal was honest about his minor offence. He prepared favourable letters of recommendation from his tutors and claimed that his application should not be refused because of the offence. Jamal made it clear that he had been on probation.

When reviewing his application, a caseworker could act as they deemed fit, taking into account letters of recommendation. However, the application was refused. According to the Immigration Rules, previously incarcerated people are banned from entering the UK.  

Jamal was disappointed; the refusal had arrived just before the new semester started which meant he would miss another academic year. Moreover, there was no guarantee that another application for a UK student visa would be approved.

The Client

Jamal is a 22-year-old Tunisian. He was an energetic child and took the lead in all the games with his friends. He studied well at school, and his teachers said he had a good memory and was good at drawing and sketching.

After finishing school in Tunisia, Jamal decided to study in the UK because that would help him find a good job with decent pay. Therefore, he enrolled in a polytechnic college to become a design engineer.

After two years of studying in the UK, Jamal fell in with the wrong crowd and committed an offence for which he was put on probation. The young man left the UK but was keen to continue his studies. Jamal found a law firm that refused to help him because he had committed a criminal offence in the UK and was banned from re-entering the country. 

However, he did not give up and looked for advisors who could help him. Jamal contacted our specialists and they gave him a preliminary consultation because it was a referral. Imperial & Legal qualified specialists said that he could appeal a UK student visa refusal.

The Challenge

To obtain a UK student visa for Jamal after he committed a criminal offence in the UK so that he continues his studies – by appealing a UK visa refusal.

The Solution 

Imperial & Legal advisors applied for an administrative review of a UK student visa refusal. It is a process of appealing a caseworker’s decision after the refusal of certain categories of visas. 

Immigration advisors claimed that a caseworker referred to the wrong rule and misinterpreted the nature of the offence. Our experts proved that probation does not mean deprivation of liberty and therefore does not automatically result in a UK visa refusal.  

Moreover, Imperial & Legal advisors insisted that the senior caseworker granted a visa as soon as possible so that Jamal would not miss classes. And they succeeded: the young man received an email from the Home Office confirming that the refusal of a UK student visa had been reviewed and he would be allowed to enter the UK. It meant he would not lose an academic year and the fees paid for the first years of studying in the UK.

Jamal gets his UK student visa in 19 days

3 May
Getting in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 days
Preparing supporting evidence
+1 day
Applying for the administrative review
+2 weeks
UK student visa is obtained
22 May
Jamal gets his UK student visa


Now Jamal is studying in the UK and plans to build a successful career. He is very grateful to Imperial & Legal’s qualified advisors for their professionalism; they did their best where other law firms did not even want to try.

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