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Obtaining UK Student Visa after Committing Immigration Offence

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My dream was to study in the UK, so I needed a UK Student visa. I had already studied in the US and remembered I had visa issues there. My concern was that my immigration record was not perfect and would affect my UK visa application, so I decided to seek professional help. I am so happy that I chose Imperial & Legal; their specialists helped me achieve my goals.

Aung Zaw, a 24-year-old
Student from Myanmar
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Aung Zaw is from Myanmar and he wanted to get a master’s degree in the UK. However, the young man had committed an immigration offence, so he was not sure if his application for a UK student visa would be approved. He was right to worry about it because applications with a bad immigration record are carefully considered by the Home Office and often refused.

Aung Zaw studied for a bachelor’s degree in the US on an F-1 visa. During his studies, he applied for political asylum fearing persecution on his return to Myanmar. 

Sadly, the application was refused. The stress, caused by the refusal, prevented the young man from completing his bachelor’s degree and caused him to lose his student status. He also broke the terms of his F-1 visa, overstaying in the US for more than 12 months, because he was afraid to go back to his home country.

Bad immigration history is a common reason for visa refusals. The Home Office does not like previous violations of immigration laws, and it can be a reason for a UK visa refusal. The logic of the Home Office is clear. They must be confident that an applicant will not try to stay in the UK after obtaining a student visa or another visa. 

If an applicant has a bad immigration record, there is a high probability that a caseworker will invite the applicant for an interview to verify that their intentions are genuine. Interviews with the Home Office have a high failure rate, so it is extremely important that an applicant consults an experienced immigration advisor and prepares for the process. 

The Client

Aung Zaw was born and received his secondary education in Myanmar. Seeing the unfavourable economic situation in the country, he decided to study in the US and get a job there. He was lucky to get a place in a US university. During his studies, Aung, like many other Myanmarese who had settled in the US, applied for political asylum, but his application was refused. 

Aung failed his exams because of stress and did not want to return home, so he overstayed in the US. Later, he decided to get a master’s degree in the UK and find a job.

Aung Zaw decided to contact Imperial & Legal because he had no idea about UK immigration law.

The Challenge

To obtain a UK student visa for an applicant with a bad immigration record. To prepare supporting documents to convince the Home Office that the young man wants to study in the UK and does not plan to stay in the country permanently. 

The Solution 

Our experts assessed the situation, gathered all the necessary documents for the Home Office, and an experienced advisor carried out several interviews with the young man to prepare him for an interview with a caseworker. We wrote a detailed cover letter explaining the client’s situation and the circumstances of overstaying in the US. 

As a result, the Home Office, after reviewing documents submitted by Imperial & Legal advisors, approved Aung’s application without an interview in less than a week. The certificates and evidence gathered by our specialists showed excellent knowledge of immigration rules which explained Aung’s actions in the past. The young man obtained a UK student visa and was able to study in the UK. 

Aung Zawobtained a UK student visa in just 17 days

2 March
Getting in touch with Imperial & Legal
+1 week
Preparing a package of documents
+1 day
Preparing a UK student visa application
+3 days
Make ready the client for an interview
+5 days
Applying for a UK student visa
+3 days
Submitting biometrics
21 March
Aung Zaw gets a UK student visa


The young man is sincerely grateful to Imperial & Legal qualified advisors for helping him obtain a UK student visa. He is very optimistic about the future and recommends us to other people planning to move to the UK.

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