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Dream Come True: Long-awaited UK Student Visa After Refusal

My father used to work in the UK, so my family and I lived here for some time. Later we went back home, but it was not long before my father found another job in the UK. My family managed to get visas and fly back but I was left behind because mine was refused. I decided to apply for a UK Student visa to continue my education and join my parents, but I got another refusal. I was devastated. Luckily, my parents got in touch with Imperial & Legal.

Erin, a 20-year-old
Student from Nigeria
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

When Erin turned 18, she had already spent more than four years in the UK on a UK Dependant visa as a supported family member. She graduated from an international school in the UK. However, one day the head of the family, who was staying in the country on a UK Skilled Worker visa, lost the sponsor because of some unforeseen circumstances, and the family had to go back to Nigeria where there were from. 

Once Erin’s father found a new job in the UK, the family applied for entry clearance. But a mistake was made in the certificate of sponsorship (a document necessary for a UK Skilled Worker visa application) and it led to a refusal.  When it was corrected, the family reapplied for UK visas. Unfortunately, by the time the father managed to collect all the documents required to obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa, Erin had turned 18, and she could not stay with her family in the UK as a dependant.

The family had to set off for the UK leaving Erin behind. But the parents did not want to abandon their daughter all alone and so far away even though she was in her home country, and the father suggested she should apply to a UK university. He helped her with that, and she was accepted to a bachelor’s degree.

Erin applied for a UK Student visa to begin her studies at the university, but the Home Office refused her a visa. The reason they gave was that they were not sure about Erin’s genuine intentions: caseworkers suspected she was going to join her family in the UK and not get a degree. Besides, in the caseworkers’ view, her parents’ financial circumstances were not good enough to maintain their daughter.

Out Client and Her Story

Erin is a 20-year-old from Nigeria, where she spent her childhood. Later, her parents managed to find a job in the UK, and the family relocated. The girl attended a UK school, spoke English fluently and planned to apply to a UK university and find a well-paid job after graduation.

Unfortunately, her father’s visa problems prevented Erin from returning to the UK with her family: she had already turned 18 and therefore lost the status of a dependant. She was also refused a UK Student visa, even though she was truly going to study in the UK, not just be in the country.

Erin could have reapplied for a UK Student visa, but her academic course had already begun. She had to put her education in the UK on hold for at least a year.

The family had no choice but to stay in the UK leaving the daughter behind, and the father split his life between the two countries. When a year passed, Erin reapplied to get a place at the university and was accepted. 

The parents, overjoyed with their daughter’s possibly coming back, turned to Imperial & Legal for help in getting a UK Student visa for Erin. They missed their child and wanted her to come and stay with them.

The Challenge

To obtain a UK Student visa for Erin regardless of the previous refusal.

The Solution

Our advisors familiarised themselves with the immigration record of the family and the young woman and made up an exhaustive list of required documents, including those necessary to prove that Erin is going to study at a UK university. Imperial & Legal experts also helped the client fill in an application form for a UK Student visa and prepared a cover letter that explained Erin’s circumstances in detail. Our immigration advisors represented the interests of the client and instructed her on what to do during her interview with a caseworker.

In less than a week, Erin got her UK Student visa. She returned to the UK to study and join her parents and siblings.

It took Erin one and a half months to get a UK Student visa after the initial refusal

15 July
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+2 weeks
Preparing supporting evidenc
+1 day
Application for a visa is submitted
+1 week
The client enrols her biometrics
+3 weeks
UK Student visa is granted
28 August
Erin gets her UK Student visa

The Conclusion

After a long time apart, Erin finally joined her family and started the academic course she had chosen at a British university. We are glad that our highly qualified immigration advisors managed to help the young woman fulfil her dreams.  

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