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Obtaining a UK Start-up Visa for an Entrepreneurial Team

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As soon as we came to the UK, we made up our minds to stay here after graduation to realise our dreams and build a career. Back then, we did not think about our own business and had no idea that a special visa was required for that. We are happy that once we decided what we’d do, we were advised to get in touch with Imperial & Legal.

Mateus and Samuel
Brazilian-born students
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

After graduating from a British art school and two months before their UK Student visas expire, Mateus and Samuel, two Brazilian-born friends, decide to apply for a UK Start-up visa as partners. They came to Imperial & Legal for help with filing a visa application.

Our Clients

Mateus is 23 years old, and Samuel is one year younger. The UK is a major player in the arts and design industry, and London is one of the three fashion capitals of the world, so the two friends came here from Brazil to get an arts degree from a UK university. Back then, as future students, they already imagined their creative vision implemented within the UK fashion industry.

Since they had a couple of creative ideas in the field, they decided to set up a company in the UK. It meant that once their UK Student visas expired, they needed another visa. 

The Challenge 

To create a business plan for a team of entrepreneurs and apply for a UK Start-up visa.

The Solution

The UK authorities are willing to support young people with innovative ideas and projects who lack the resources to realise them. That is why applicants are not required to make any initial investment for a UK Start-up visa. Besides, innovative projects that bring intangible results but will be equally beneficial to society are just as highly welcome as innovations in the industry or financial sector.

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors reviewed the young men’s portfolio, their experience and interests. Our expert had several consultations with the clients, and as a result, suggested that they should develop as digital fashion designers. 

The expert explained that the clients’ creative thinking would be a great source of solutions for the digital economy as well as alternatives leading to new optimal algorithms.

Once the direction was chosen, Imperial & Legal’s expert team carried out substantial market research to prepare a project and draft a business plan for the two friends.

Experts believe that the digitalisation of the fashion industry is inevitable and it has accelerated. Society is fed up with the mass production of clothes. Digital technologies will boost the efficiency of bespoke tailoring or small-batch manufacturing. Personalised solutions, on-time delivery and shortened manufacturing cycles are the new normal.   

Imperial & Legal’s immigration advisors explained to the young people that even though a business plan was designed for both of them, they still had to apply for UK Start-up visas separately and obtain separate endorsement letters from relevant bodies, which assess business ideas of foreign applicants and decide on their value for the country. 

Our experts also made it clear to Mateus and Samuel that a UK Start-up visa is issued for two years and does not lead to settlement. However, if their business developed successfully, they could switch to a UK Innovator visa. The latter offers better business opportunities and provides better chances of getting a UK Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and citizenship.

Once a business plan was carefully drafted, Mateus and Samuel applied for endorsement letters from an approved body and got endorsed within two weeks. With those letters in hand, the young people applied for UK Start-up visas to stay and run a business in the UK legally. 

It takes Mateus and Samuel about ten weeks to obtain their UK Start-up visas

10 September
The clients get in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 weeks
A business plan is drafted
+2 weeks
Evidence is collected for endorsement letters
+1 day
Applications for endorsement letters are submitted
+1 week
Endorsement letters are obtained
+1 day
Applications for UK Start-up visas are filed
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
10 November
UK Start-up visas are granted

The Conclusion

The clients were truly happy with the way the Imperial & Legal immigration advisors handled their case. Now, they can’t wait to implement the business ideas suggested by our experts.

Mateus and Samuel would recommend our company to everyone who wants to apply for a UK Start-up visa. First, we always keep up to date with the latest changes in UK immigration rules. Second, we will assist you with drafting an innovative, viable, and scalable business plan and make sure it is accepted by the endorsing body. 

A thoroughly prepared application and an endorsement letter will be a solid foundation for a successful start-up in the UK.

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