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Accelerated Sponsorship for Food Business in the UK

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My business was expanding, so I needed additional staff. One of them was a foreign student studying at a British university. It turned out I had to register as a sponsor to employ him. I got in touch with Imperial & Legal. Their qualified specialists explained to me how to go about it and helped me prepare the necessary documents and obtain my sponsorship licence with a fast-track option.

Andrew Cooper, a 55-year-old
Director of a food business
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Andrew Cooper runs a restaurant and a fast-food place in the United Kingdom. He has also acquired a Fish and Chip food store that is quickly developing thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Alongside ordinary services, the store offers home deliveries that bring the largest profit for Mr Cooper alongside pizza and burger orders from his fast-food place.

Mr Cooper employs English nationals and a foreign student who has worked in Fish and Chip part-time as a manager. Mr Cooper likes the young man and wants to keep him on the payroll. To do this, however, he needs to register as a sponsor.

Our Client

Andrew Cooper is a director of a food business chain in Leicester. He had been managing a large retail chain for more than ten years before setting up and now successfully running his own food business that constantly expands its client base. It explains why Mr Cooper is often on the lookout for new staff.

The Challenge

To assist Mr Cooper in getting a UK sponsorship licence and issuing a certificate of sponsorship for a foreign manager whom our client wants to employ full-time.

The Solution

Our experts helped Mr Cooper identify which of his businesses can and should be included in a sponsorship application. The man was a sole trader for a long time but has recently set up a single limited liability company that will unite all his businesses under one roof. His restaurant and café were registered at the same address while the Fish and Chip was a stand-alone food store that he bought not so long ago from a retiring businessman.

We talked Mr Cooper through the sponsorship licence application process and how best to present his business structure and staff requirements. Imperial & Legal advisors ensured that the application reflected Mr Cooper’s genuine business needs and plans.

While processing the application, the Home Office requested additional information from our client. Imperial & Legal experts collected the required documents most efficiently so that Mr Cooper received his sponsorship licence without any delays.

Alongside with the filled-in application, a prospective sponsor is expected to provide at least four pieces of evidence that usually include a corporate bank statement, audited annual accounts, a taxpayer registration letter and a letter from the regulating authority. Imperial & Legal advisors collected all the evidence to show that Mr Cooper’s business meets the requirements set out for sponsors and the categories of foreign specialists he wants to employ.

We carefully prepared the application and checked all the documents providing comprehensive support for Mr Cooper to comply with the Home Office’s requirements. 

Mr Cooper gets a sponsorship licence in 29 days

3 April
Contacted Imperial & Legal
+2 weeks
The Application is prepared and submitted
10 working days - accelerated route
Sponsorship certificate is issued
2 May
Sponsorship licence is obtained


Mr Cooper gets his sponsorship licence in only 10 working days thanks to a fast-track application. Now, his company is A-rated and can employ foreign specialists.

After the business was registered as a sponsor, Imperial & Legal advisors helped Mr Cooper issue a certificate of sponsorship and help his foreign employee obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa. Mr Cooper continues to work with our company since he wants to expand his business further and employ some more foreign specialists.

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