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Obtaining a UK Skilled Worker Visa after Graduation

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After graduating from a UK university, I decided I wanted to stay and work here. I began looking for a job in my field and found a very good one very quickly. The company agreed to employ me. The problem was that my UK Student visa was expiring and I had to leave the UK. To find out what I could do, I contacted Imperial & Legal.

Mansur, a 24-year-old
Student from Iran
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Mansur is from Iran. He studies at a university in the United Kingdom and after graduation, considers staying here for good. 

After completing his university degree, Mansur could stay and work full-time in the country for three months on a UK Student visa. He used that time to find a job. When his visa was about to expire, Mansur was offered a permanent job thanks to his good skills. To stay and continue working, he needed to obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa.

Mansur contacted Imperial & Legal because he did not know how to get the required visa. Our immigration advisors suggested that since Mansur’s UK Student visa was expiring, he should leave the UK not to break any immigration rules, and then apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa from his home country.

Mansur’s employer got a sponsorship licence, and our advisors prepared a visa application. Everything went well, and Mansur was back in the UK in no time and started his career here.

Our Client

Mansur, 24 years old, came to the UK from Iran to study at a British university. He majored in engineering. Before his visa expired, he started looking for a job to stay in the country and found it. He was employed as an architect. The job was perfect for him, and he was perfect for the job. 

The Challenge

To help Mansur get his dream job. To obtain a sponsorship licence for the British employer and issue a certificate of sponsorship for Mansur so that he can apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa.

The Solution

Since Mansur’s UK Student visa was expiring, our advisors suggested that he should apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa. He had the required education and qualifications to be officially employed and get a high salary.

Imperial & Legal immigration advisors assisted Mansur’s future employer in preparing documents for a sponsorship licence. Any British company needs to have it to employ foreign specialists. To get a sponsorship licence, all the relevant requirements must be met. The position occupied by a foreign specialist must be genuine and high-skilled. There must be a system in place in the company to monitor the employment procedures and HR operations. The company itself must be ready for the Home Office visit at any time. Apart from preparing an application for a sponsorship licence, our experts also prepared documents for Mansur’s UK Skilled Worker visa application. 

Imperial & Legal advisors requested and obtained a certificate of sponsorship for Mansur. Then, they helped him apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa explaining in his application that during the time he worked for the company on his UK Student visa, he showed great results and was highly evaluated. On his part, Mansur prepared his diploma, bank statements confirming that he had enough money to relocate to the UK and other necessary documents. It was also confirmed that Mansur’s salary was calculated according to the Standard Occupational Classification. Once the application was submitted, the only thing Mansur had to do was to visit a UK visa centre for biometrics and then wait for the Home Office’s decision. 

Mansur gets his UK Skilled Worker visa in one and a half months

6 September
Contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+1 week
Sponsorship licence application prepared
+10 working days
Visa application documents are prepared
+1 day
Sponsorship licence is issued
+1 day
Certificate of sponsorship is obtained
+3 weeks
Application for visa is submitted
21 October
Mansur gets his UK Skilled Worker visa


Mansur’s UK Student visa expired, so he had to leave the UK until his company prepared all the necessary documents to employ him as an architect.

Once Mansur was back in his home country, our immigration advisors began to collect documents to apply for a UK Skilled Worker for him. Thanks to Imperial & Legal’s efficient work, the application was submitted immediately after the employer got their sponsorship licence. In three weeks, Mansur already had his UK Skilled Worker visa. In a few days, he returned to the UK and started his work here.

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