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UK Global Talent Visa after Refusal by Endorsing Body

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After years of working in Argentina, my home country, I decided to relocate to the UK. I had been here a lot of times, both on business and to deliver lectures at universities. Some colleagues advised me to apply for a UK Global Talent visa. I did and was waiting for my visa. What I did not expect for sure was a refusal letter that arrived soon. Luckily, I contacted Imperial & Legal. Their experienced immigration advisors helped me make things right.

João Paulo Rodrigues de Almeida, a 54-year-old
IT specialist
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

João Paulo Rodrigues de Almeida is an artificial intelligence expert from Argentina. He has years of work experience confirmed by both Argentinian and foreign colleagues. Mr Almeida believes that his professional skills can be useful in the United Kingdom and decides to apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

Despite his knowledge and experience, Mr Almeida was worried whether he would get an endorsement from Tech Nation for his application. Tech Nation is an endorsing body responsible for assessing the professional skills of IT applicants for a UK Global Talent visa. Successful candidates apply for a visa after obtaining endorsement letters. 

Mr Almeida was right to be concerned. A few days after applying for the endorsement, he got a refusal. The man was disappointed by the decision since he was sure he had made a significant contribution in his field.

Mr Almeida‘s friends who had a positive experience with Imperial & Legal already recommended he contact our company.

Our Client

João Paulo Rodrigues de Almeida is 54-year-old from Argentina. He develops AI technologies for economic and social applications.

For many years, Mr Almeida has been mentoring students interested in AI and taking part in conferences. He is a recognised expert in his field. Several British universities have invited him to teach there and develop AI projects to integrate AI technologies into the British economic model. 

The Challenge

To prove that Mr Almeida deserves getting a UK Global Talent visa.

The Solution

Imperial & Legal’s advisors reviewed Mr Almeida’s refusal and found out that Tech Nation was not satisfied with the pieces of evidence provided to confirm the man’s experience and qualifications. Our experts decided to prepare a new application with all the previous mistakes in mind. After a thorough analysis of the refusal letter, Imperial & Legal’s advisors made an exhaustive list of evidence that had to persuade the endorsing body that our client should be granted a UK Global Talent visa.

Tech Nation had to make sure that the applicant’s potential contribution to the British IT industry would be significant. That’s why we prepared examples of the practical application of Mr Almeida’s innovative technologies.

Imperial & Legal’s advisors asked Mr Almeida to contact his European colleagues to get letters of recommendation that could be added to his application. They were eager to help and described Mr Almeida as a leading expert in the AI field.

Invitations from British universities were also attached to the application as well as a list of Mr Almeida’s published works and conferences he had attended, as well as recordings of his lectures and webinars for students and the general public interested in AI.

Imperial & Legal’s experienced advisors helped Mr Almeida complete a new application for endorsement where they showcased the innovativeness of his ideas and outlined a draft plan of how the technologies developed by him could promote further AI integration in the UK.

IT expert gets UK Global Talent visa in four months

14 January
Contacted Imperial & Legal
+2 months
Documents for the visa are prepared
+1 day
Application is sent to the endorsing body
+4 weeks
Endorsement letter is received
+1 day
Documents for a UK Global Talent visa are submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are submitted
+4 weeks
Visa application is being processed
20 May
Mr Almeida’s UK Global Talent visa is granted.


Four months after contacting Imperial & Legal, Mr Almeida got an endorsement letter from Tech Nation. He is enthusiastic about his future work in the UK and plans to take his family with him.

Imperial & Legal’s experts strongly recommend everyone not give up if their first application for a UK Global Talent visa is refused. You can always reapply so that a new application describes your professional skills and capacity in greater detail ensuring that you get endorsed next time.

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