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Help with Obtaining a Sponsorship Licence for Developing a Cosmetics Company

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Several years ago, I came to the UK with my family for the first time and back then I had an idea of opening a shop to sell cosmetics from Egypt. I am happy I got in touch with Imperial & Legal because their experienced specialists helped me choose the right category of visa and kick-start my business. Now I got in touch with them again because I need to get a UK sponsorship license to grow my business.

Latifa, 32 years old
Owner of a cosmetics company
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Latifa is from Egypt. She got in touch with our company two years ago in order to obtain a UK Start-up visa. Latifa was going to set up a cosmetics business under her own brand. She offered beauty products made from Egyptian raw materials.

Latifa worked hard at opening a UK company. One year later, she decided to apply for a UK sponsorship licence to have access to the international labour market and the best professionals. Latifa contacted Imperial & Legal again because she had a positive experience working with them.

The UK sponsorship system required an employer to assume responsibility for the sponsored worker and help them with obtaining work visas to stay and work in the UK legally. 

A company must obtain a sponsorship licence to issue certificates of sponsorship (CoS) to new employees. Only then can a specialist apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa. A company needs to provide evidence that it is based and operates in the UK, and meets all the necessary requirements.

Our Client 

Latifa is 32 years old. She visited the UK with her husband and children a few years ago. The woman takes good care of herself and in the UK, she often visited beauty stores. One day an idea came to her mind to open a UK shop selling Egyptian cosmetics. 

Latifa got an endorsement letter from an endorsing body and obtained a UK Start-up visa. She moved to the UK with her family to develop the business. 

Due to the high product quality, the company is well known and generates a good profit.

The Challenge

Obtain a UK sponsorship licence for a cosmetics company.

The Solution

Imperial & Legal helped Latifa prepare and review a business plan that demonstrated the need for foreign specialists and how much profit the company will generate. It is not required for applications for a sponsorship licence, but it might contribute to a positive decision from the Home Office. 

Our advisors explained to Latifa the procedure of employing foreigners and monitoring employees’ performance after obtaining a sponsorship licence. If the company does not fulfil its obligations as a sponsor, the licence can be revoked. It is also a good idea for a sponsor to make sure that the professionals have the necessary skills and qualifications to carry out their duties effectively. 

Imperial & Legal’s specialists reviewed the case and pointed out to Latifa that her and her family’s Start-up visas did not lead to settlement, aka ILR. Our advisors recommended switching to a UK Skilled Worker visa

Latifa obtains a UK sponsorship licence in a month

15 March
Getting in touch with Imperial & Legal
+3 weeks
Applying for a sponsorship licence
within 10 days through a fast-track process
Obtaining a sponsorship licence
13 April
The client obtains a UK sponsorship licence


The cosmetics company obtained a UK sponsorship licence in a month and can now employ foreigners.

Latifa is grateful to Imperial & Legal for helping her company obtain a sponsorship licence so fast. Now following our advice, the client is looking into switching to a UK Skilled Worker visa herself within her company to be able in the future to obtain ILR and UK citizenship.

Latifa has a lot of new plans and ideas for her company’s development, and we sincerely wish her success in her business.

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