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Obtaining a Certificate of Sponsorship and UK Skilled Worker Visa

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I got a degree in Astana, my hometown, and spent several years working in my field. As time went by, I realised I wanted to build a career in Europe. I started looking for vacancies and found a perfect one in a UK company. However, my future employer did not have a clue about how to obtain a UK visa for a foreign specialist. To make things even more complicated, I wanted to bring my husband with me. I was advised to get in touch with Imperial & Legal.

Aigul, a 28-year-old
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Aigul is from Kazakhstan. She is an experienced pharmacist with a medical degree who finds a perfect job in the United Kingdom and wants to relocate here. 

Aigul received good references from her former employer. The British company where she applied for the job verified that they are authentic and that the applicant has a high level of proficiency.

However, there were some issues with employing Aigul because immigration advisors who had helped the company initially made several serious mistakes.

To get her dream job, Aigul contacted Imperial & Legal. Though her future employer already had a sponsorship licence, they did not have enough experience to prepare all the documents and issue a certificate of sponsorship themselves. Imperial & Legal assisted the company in this matter and also helped Aigul to get her visa. 

Aigul’s husband also wanted to relocate to the UK with his wife. Our advisors quickly prepared documents for him and added him to Aigul’s application as her dependant. They submitted his and Aigul’s documents to the Home Office and made an appointment at a UK visa centre for biometrics.

Our Client

Aigul’s parents were doctors, and since she was a child, she wanted to follow their suit. When she grew up, she also got interested in business, so she enrolled at Astana Medical University and majored in pharmacy. After graduation, she got a job in a company that had a network of pharmacies across Kazakhstan. Aigul had always dreamt of living abroad, so she started to search for a job in the UK.

The Challenge

To help a British employer prepare all the necessary documents and issue a certificate of sponsorship. To obtain a UK Skilled Worker visa for Aigul and her husband.

The Solution

Aigul’s future employer made her an official job offer and then authorised Imperial & Legal to act as their representative in the Sponsorship management system (SMS). Imperial & Legal advisors collected the required documents and requested a certificate of sponsorship for Aigul that was issued a day after submitting an online application. It was key to getting a UK Skilled Worker visa. 

Our immigration advisors also ensured that Aigul met all the immigration requirements. They checked all the filled-in forms, including her medical and English test results.

Since Aigul’s husband also wanted to relocate to the UK, he was added to the application as a dependant. 

There was an issue with their relationship that could have caused the application refusal. Aigul and her husband were registered at different addresses. However, they rented a flat together, so our advisors prepared additional evidence and accompanying letters to prove the genuineness of their relationship.

Imperial & Legal submitted an online visa application to the Home Office and made an appointment at a UK visa centre for the couple to submit biometrics. The application and documents were approved and our clients got their visas three weeks later without any delays.

Aigul gets her UK Skilled Worker visa within a month

11 June
Contact is made with Imperial & Legal
+3 days
Sponsorship documents are prepared
+1 day
Certificate of sponsorship is issued
+1 week
Visa application documents are prepared
+1 day
Application is submitted
+3 weeks
Visa is issued
15 June
Aigul and her husband get British visas


Aigul and her husband can now relocate from Kazakhstan to the UK and start their new life here thanks to Imperial & Legal’s qualified support. They get one-month entry clearance to the UK where they get their residence cards by post.

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