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Company registration in England for an entrepreneur from Georgia

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The family business is a pride I share with my parents and spouse. We supply quality products that are not ashamed to put on the table. Having taken over the local market, I thought about expanding and, after consulting with my father, decided to open an office in another country. Due to a number of factors, the UK was chosen. Imperial & Legal provided me with all the services I needed to register and run my business in the UK.

Murad (32 years old)
An entrepreneur from Georgia
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Murad grew up in Georgia and has fully absorbed its culture. Even the business his father ran was imbued with the spirit of this country. The company has been exporting wine and mineral water to various countries for many years.

Things were going well, so the family started to talk more and more often about expanding the business. All the nearest markets had already been tapped and business was well established. It was the right time to take it to the next stage of development and reach the European level.

The family discussed for a long time which country to start with, how to organise everything, where to look for trading partners. In the end, we settled on the UK. Firstly, the flexible tax regime looked attractive. Secondly, it was one of the few countries in Europe with almost no vineyards of its own, so the locals were used to imported wine.

His father decided that Murad would be in charge of opening the British office. The young man had already learnt the nuances of the family business and had a good understanding of both products and deal-making. The time had come to entrust him with his first independent project, which he could develop from scratch and become its full-fledged manager.

But Murad was not sure he could do it all alone, so he approached our company with a request for a comprehensive service for opening a representative office in the UK, as well as immigration support. The young businessman needed us to assist him in finding a solution that would allow him to come to the UK, register the company and set up all the reporting and business issues. Of course, we confirmed that such comprehensive solutions are exactly what differentiates our company from many competitors.

Our Client

Murad is a 32-year-old citizen of Georgia.

The Challenge

Register a company representative office in the UK.

The Solution

Our experts advised us to open a representative office in the UK in the form of an LTD company, where the Georgian parent company became a 100% shareholder. In order to open a company, a real physical address in England, to which notifications from the tax authorities and other state services are sent, is indispensable. Murad asked us to provide him with such an address for the first year until he launches full-fledged operations in the UK. We also agreed to provide him with a company secretary for that year. Having collected all the documents, we submitted them for registration and the very next day we received the company formation documents.

Murad was appointed as a director of the company allowing him to benefit from a UK Expansion Worker visa.

We started the process of obtaining a sponsorship licence for an English company so that our client could apply for an Expansion Worker visa, come to England and officially work there.

One of the conditions of this visa is that the company must not have any operations in the UK before opening, so it was only after the sponsorship licence had been obtained and the director of the representative office had moved to the country that we helped him open a bank account. And after the company had opened, we started the process of registering the trade mark.

After that, we could start doing business, looking for clients, concluding transactions and feeling free in the legal field of the United Kingdom. Murad liked working with us so much that he also entrusted us with the accounting and liaising with the fiscal authorities. So our co-operation with him proved to be long and fruitful.

Murad registered a representative office in England and opened a bank account in four and a half months

12 March
Applying to Imperial & Legal
+2 days
Registration of a subsidiary
+3 weeks
Preparation of documents and application for sponsor licence
+8 weeks
Obtaining a sponsor licence
+1 day
Applying for UK Expansion Worker visa
+3 days
Biometric data submission
+4 week
Obtaining a UK Expansion Worker visa
+2 weeks
Opening a bank account with a payment system
26 July
A company with a bank account in England is set up


An entrepreneur starting a new business has a lot of hassles. The sensible thing to do is to optimise some of the processes by putting them in professional hands. We always try not only to save our clients from problems, but also to make their lives easier by taking on some of the accounting and legal processes associated with government services.

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