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Assisting Chilean Talented Photographer To Relocate to UK

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I love my profession. I've been taking photos my entire life. I've been to various countries, and I decided that the UK is the best country to develop my creative potential. However, I didn't know how to move to the UK. I found Imperial & Legal online and contacted them. Their qualified advisors explained how to obtain a visa quickly.

Catalina, 26 years old
A Chilean photographer
Clients’ names and photos have been changed

Catalina is a young woman from Chile. She got in touch with Imperial & Legal online. She asked about opportunities to relocate to the UK to develop her talent and creativity. We found out the young woman was a photographer, and her photos had already won awards in various competitions.

After talking to the client, our advisors suggested Catalina apply for a UK Global Talent visa. The visa is issued for up to 5 years and can be extended an unlimited number of times. It is possible to apply for ILR after 3 or 5 years. This suited the young woman perfectly, so Imperial & Legal specialists helped her apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

Our client

Catalina is a 26-year-old from Chile. She loves taking photos and has been doing it since she was a child. This is her profession now. Catalina took part in London Street Photography Festival where she was second. She also participated in international competitions in Europe and the USA, and many of her photos were highly praised by the audience and judges.

Moreover, Catalina has several interesting ideas for creative projects to carry out in the UK in collaboration with various mass media and organisations. It is a good opportunity for Catalina to develop her career in the UK. However, she needs to apply for the right category of visa.

The Challenge

To collect the necessary evidence of the client’s achievements to apply for a UK Global Talent visa.

The Solution

A UK Global Talent visa is great for Catalina. It gives the same level of freedom as a UK Investor visa gives to foreign investors who have invested in the British economy. It is more flexible than other UK visas: a UK Skilled Worker visa ties you to the sponsor who can be changed only by applying to the Home Office again. With a UK Student visa, all you can do is study.

It is possible to do whatever you want on a UK Global Talent visa, work, run a business, or be self-employed. The main requirement is to work and develop in the field you have been endorsed for. Provided you do so, you can extend your UK Global Talent visa or obtain an indefinite leave to remain (ILR). Moreover, you can extend your visa as many times as you like and apply for ILR after 5 years.

Imperial & Legal’s advisors helped Catalina collect evidence of her talent. She provided diplomas and certificates of participation in international exhibitions in Latin America and Europe. Catalina added her photos printed in magazines and available online. Our experts found excellent reviews of Catalina’s photos.

The woman also asked several magazines for recommendations. Although she had to wait for several weeks to receive them, she could finally add them to the visa application. Moreover, Catalina wrote a statement explaining her plans and future projects to be carried out in the UK.

The evidence of achievements, recommendations and the statement were included in the package of documents submitted by Imperial & Legal for an endorsement letter. This document is required for a UK Global Talent visa.

It takes Catalina three months to get a UK Global Talent visa

16 February
The client gets in touch with Imperial & Legal
+1 month
Documents are collected and checked
+1 day
An application for an endorsement letter is submitted
+3 weeks
An endorsement letter is granted
+1 day
An application for a visa is submitted
+1 week
Biometrics are taken
+4 weeks
Application is processed
17 May
Catalina obtains her UK Global Talent visa


After receiving an endorsement letter from the endorsing body, we applied for a UK Global Talent visa, and soon Catalina got it. To make her feel more at home in a new country, our specialists found her a studio flat with a river view and a small office in Soho. She set up a small photo studio there. 

In addition, we opened her a bank account and registered her with the tax authorities since Catalina did not know how to do it. Catalina gifted us some of her amazing photos which are now in Imperial & Legal’s office.

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